Chamonix New Champs Teppanyaki Taipei


We have finally made it out to eat again, woohoo!

Double (fully) vaccinated and with a belly craving some restaurant food, we happy made our way to this Teppenyaki spot in Zhongshan, just off Zhongshan North Road.

In B1 of a building containing a bank, amongst other stores, you can find Chamonix new Champs Teppanyaki, Zhongshan’s branch of this chain teppanyaki restaurant.

When you go inside, this space is vast. It’s a bit like a rabbit warren (not that I have ever been down one, but what I imagine it is indeed like) inside, with a large teppanyaki grill in the middle and several rooms branching off from that central one.

We were ushered towards a side room off of the central grill, whereupon we were introduced to a room with around 20 seats fitted around a sweeping teppanyaki grill.

Upon sitting down, your space is already laid out for you with your cutlery and some onion, dip for your bread, and some fancy pink (what I guess is Himalayan, but may be an imitation) salt. When you get your menu, you have a choice of a few dishes, all with English on the menu. Your meal is priced at $1150 – a pretty good price for a set meal teppanyaki!

First up, scallop with steamed egg and truffle sauce

Scallop rarely fails to get my pulse racing, in all honesty. On questioning why I tend to fall on the same answer each time – the silky smooth texture combined with the rich seafood flavour that bursts alive in my mouth. The steamed egg was fine, but I’m not wild about that dish anyway.

French Onion Soup was to follow

I seek out a good French onion soup on a menu when I’m in the soup mood (which is very rare). This French onion was fine. It was rich and beefy with plenty of onion. The crouton was fine, too, but it lacked the wow factor in the flavour department, contrary to the wow factor in presentation.

Warm mushroom and truffle salad

Bang! How good does that look?! And it was, truth be told. Deliciously fried mushrooms dressed with pesto and salad leaves. Delightful, heavy recommendation.

How good is that looking, though? The copious amounts of egg and rice are then spiked with crispy shallots and garlic, sending all sorts of incredible flavours flying around the air.

Lamb chops

Wow wow wow wow wow. The lamb chops on the grill looked unreal, but I didn’t quite trust the chef to cook them how they should be cooked. However, contrary to what I perceived would happen, he delivered. They were cooked wonderfully – crispy, delicate pink on the inside, and bursting with flavour.

It was served with a redcurrant jam that was the perfect balance of stickiness, sweetness, and tartness. I left happy.

Grilled short ribs with garlic

However, if lamb isn’t your thing, then you should definitely consider the grilled short ribs ^. They were also awesome, and I loved the garlic chips so much, that the chef spooned another bunch on my plate mid-way through the meal – what a guy.


Once you have finished your main meal, you are escorted away from the teppanyaki room to a smaller cafe-style room for dessert. It’s served up with the drink you chose, in the relative peace and quiet of comfy chairs and a warm atmosphere.

The tiramisu was sub-par, in all truth. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Taro mille-feuille

The taro mille-feuille was too sweet and nowhere near as delicate as the presentation suggests. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Main meals are all great, but the desserts are nothing to write home about.

Overall value for money is excellent.


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