Michel Bru 米榭爾布盧 Food Delivery Box

We know what it’s like out there – it’s bloody hot! So, if you don’t want to venture out or get a take out from your local area, then upgrade your life and go for one of the incredible deals that Michel Bru’s delivery boxes afford you.

What is Michel Bru?

Michel Bru is a French Chef who has worked for Michelin Star Restaurants for over 23 years spread over 4 countries – France, England, Scotland & Taiwan.

Michel Bru, the service, offers you homemade gourmet meals delivered to your door. All you need is a way of heating up the vacuum-packed food, and you’re living the dream!

Image courtesy of Michelbru.shop

Why is Michel Bru different?

There are some good delivery services in Taiwan, but Michel Bru offers you responsibly sourced western meals of the highest quality, curated by a chef who has worked in some incredible Michelin-starred kitchens.

On the Monday of each week that you choose to receive the box, you will receive an excellently packaged box with 5 Western meals inside. Every Western Meal comes with 1 meat, 1 vegetable, and 1 starch. Each meal can be preserved in your fridge for up to 5 days, or up to 3 months if you want to freeze – delicious backup food for those days you work a bit later but still want some quality grub.

Image courtesy of Michelbru.shop

What meals can I get?

This is the best part – the food.
Weekly Basic Box $1450 & Weekly Premium Box $1950
Examples of meals: Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Basquaise, Grilled Meats, Pork Stuffed Tomatoes, Mix of Vegetables, Feta Cheese and Pesto Pastas, Lasagnas, Quiche Lorraine etc
500-600 calories per meals in average.
20g-40g proteins per meals in average.
80g carbs per meals in average.
These meals are never frozen and will be shipped fresh.

Image courtesy of Michelbru.shop

What’s the difference between basic and premium?

Aside from $500, the main difference is the fact that with the premium box you get to choose what you want to eat and you can more easily communicate dietary restrictions/considerations. Consider the premium a more tailored option.

Basic Package
$1450/5 meals

Your package will arrive via courier to your door – lazy bliss!

When you open it up, this is what it looks like – a food care package bursting with colour.

Each vegetable, carbohydrate, and protein is individually vacuum packaged for ultra convenience. It may not be the most environmentally friendly, but I am not quite sure how else to do this while simultaneously maintaining the utmost freshness.

How should you heat it up?

The great thing about these meals is that they are already cooked. So all you actually need to do is to heat it up to your optimal eating requirements…

Michel Bru have also recently updated their website with a ‘How to’ section, so life couldn’t be easier. However, I found that the optimal rehating method for me was actually my trusty rice cooker (see below, marvel at that!). I put in 1/3 cup of water and waited for that heart-jumping ‘click’ to let you know it’s done. I found this way heated the meal through more thoroughly than the microwave did. But, of course, it’s up to you.

Meal #1 – Chicken with a carbonara sauce

So here we have the chicken with carbonara sauce, pilaf rice, and mixed green vegetables. I liked this a lot. The chicken was juicy (I’m guessing it was sous vide – the best method to lock in all moisture for meat!), the sauce was creamy, well-seasoned with the bacon, and matched the rice and greens wonderfully. It tasted healthy, if that makes sense? And coming in at under 600kcal for the meal, I was very content.

Meal #2 Roast fillet beef with blue cheese sauce

So this would probably be my favourite meal that I eat every time I head home to the UK – Roast beef dinner. All that was missing was some Yorkshire pudding(s) and some extra veggies on the side.

This beef, though, wow! Deliciously thick slices of beef fillet cooked perfectly pink with a delicate blue cheese sauce that didn’t overpower. Matched here with cauliflower in cheese sauce (Cheese fest 2021 going down) and dauphinoise potatoes, it really was a match-made-in-heaven. This was probably my favourite meal of the week.

Meal #3 Bolognese with pasta

When I eat a bolognese sauce I expect deep richness coming from the tomatoes, with delicate ground beef and a slight hint of a red wine coming in from the background. I got all of this, and with smiles, too! I was a happy man chowing down on all of this right here. It was, again, well seasoned and punching flavour through by the fist-load. Great work.

Meal #4 Sausages with onion sauce

Yes, yes, and yes again. Gimme some sausage and I’m a happy man. I mean, Taiwanese sausage has its place, but it’s often too sweet for what I want from a sausage. Having said that, some British sausage can be too salty. Where’s the perfect in-between?? Well, turns out that it’s right here, from a French chef cooking in Taipei… The sausages were mega, and I will genuinely be looking to purchase these separately if possible.

The onion jam matched perfectly to the herby deliciousness of the sausage, and married together with the creamy mustard mash and vegetables really well. This was fighting with the beef for my favourite of the week.

Meal #5 Duck leg

I can safely say that the best duck leg (confit) I have had in my life was from Le Petit Pontoise in the Latin quarter in Paris… I won’t confess to be a duck leg connoiseur, but I do love good bit of duck, and this was a good piece of duck. The meat flaked away from the bone but maintained delicious juiciness.

Another triumph in this dish was the truffle risotto. Truffle risotto with a basic meal box? What a treat. I love truffle flavour, and could eat it on the daily. But, seldom do i… In fact, never have I eaten it on the daily. But here, it was delicious. The risotto was great, the mushrooms were great, and the duck was great. Overall, all was great!

Final Thoughts

$1450 for 5 meals comes out at $290/meal ($322 if you include the extra 160 delivery fee), which I would say is very reasonable for this style of food. If it was Taiwanese food, then I may say that it is a bit steep, but for perfectly cooked and expertly prepared western dishes such as Filet of beef or Sausage and mash, I would say it’s a great price.

In addition to the price, the flavour is excellent, and the nutritional value with each dish not exceeding 600kcals is even better for the waist line, especially if you’re not managing to get out and exercise with your mask on in this excruciating heat.

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