Taipei Restaurants – 面對面 Face to Face Noodle House

As we continue for at least 1 more week in Tier 3 Covid restrictions, I continue to take out some incredible food over the city. If you didn’t check out my last post, then definitely take a look over there at some of my other picks of places to take out or get delivered.

I was in the market for some spicy noodz, and I just so happen to live close enough to this place for a nice walk and stretch of the legs.

We both went for the set meal option, which includes a side and a drink, for $220. If you want to order the dish a la carte then it’s $150 for the Char su, and $155 for the dried fish with noodles.

Set 1
招牌辣椒乾板麵套餐 $220
zhāo pái là jiāo gān bǎn miàn tào cān
Signature spicy noodle set

The signature dish at any restaurant should be ordered, that’s a motto I tend to stick to. Why wouldn’t you order the dish that the establishment has become famed for?

The dish has noodles, dried (and crunchy) small fish, a couple of meatballs, a soft egg, and a generous spoon (or two) of spicy chilli sauce. Now, those small fish might not be everyones cup of tea, but I am quite fond of them – especially if you get them with those almonds in from the supermarket as a snack, how good are they?!

The noodles were perfectly cooked, the egg gave a good richness to the dish, and it was all held together wonderfully by the spicy chilli sauce. In terms of spice level, I would give it a 7/10. I consider 10/10 unbearable and unenjoyable. A 7 I would say is the right amount if it’s a kick of spice you’re craving, but not so much that you line up the glasses of cold milk…

Set 2:
砂朥越麵套餐 $220
shā láo yuè miàn tào cān
Sarawak noodles

Sarawak noodles are a

…Malaysian dish of dry noodles tossed in a savoury pork and shallot mixture, topped off with fragrant fried onions.

I mean, if that description wasn’t enough, then surely the picture is? Nood perfection, with a nice (if anything slightly dry) portion of char su pork and plenty of delicious onion gooness sprinkled on top.

It looks plain, but it’s packed with fragrant flavours from the shallots and the char su pork. However, if I had to choose just one dish, it would still be the spicy one from above.

How to order:

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