Top 5 must-try Cinnamon Rolls in Taipei

1. Leaven Workshop (Maps, FB, IG)

Cinnamon Roll $75

Perhaps not looking like the more traditionally bready textured cinnamon rolls we have all grown to adore, Leaven Workshop’s Cinnamon Rolls are on the crunchier side. But, does that make them dry? Absolutely not! It just means that they go down even nicer with that cup of espresso you have in your other hand as you chow down on that roll.

The cinnamon flavour in these is strong, and I absolutely love it. It isn’t overpowering, but you can never be mistaken for not knowing that you’re eating a cinnamon roll.

The (heaven) counter

I have tried the Thai milk tea scone before and it is delicious. Even if you aren’t a cinnamon roll lover (why did you click this post?), Leaven Workshop does an amazing Sourdough so good that I challenge you to find better in Taipei City.

2. Coppii Lumii living coffee 冉冉生活 (Maps, FB, IG)

Coppii Lumii’s Cinnamon Roll $108

When I posted on my Instagram asking you guys for Cinnamon Roll recommendations, the love for Coppii Lumii’s was massive. So, obviously, I had to get it. It was a great cinnamon ‘roll’, but didn’t really fit my classic idea of what I think a cinnamon roll should be. I want to be able to pick it up in one hand and sip a strong espresso in the other hand… But, with this one, I have to use a fork. I mean, it’s not the end of the world. But was it worth it?

Yeh, it was good, but I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. It only goes on sale around 10:30, and by the afternoon is often completely sold out. By that logic, you’d think it would be mind-blowing.

However, I think their breakfast was even better ^^

3. Miss V Bakery (Maps, FB, IG)

One amazing cinnamon roll right here, with different toppings to suit your preference. Pictured here are the cream cheese and the espresso syrup toppings. Coming in at $100 a piece, they are worth pusshing the boat out for, for sure!

They are that typical big bready deliciousness that we all perhaps expect from cinnamon rolls. The flavour of the roll itself is great, and taken home, put in your oven for 5 mins at 200°C is going to give it that perfectly warmed through beautifulness. Lash that sauce on top, and you’re winning.

4. 穀嶼—麵包 ‧咖啡 ‧雜貨 (Maps, FB, IG)

NG (misshapen) Cinnamon Roll – $55

So we got to GuYu mid afternoon around 2pm, and they had already sold out of their cinnamon rolls, so we had to make do with this misshapen cinnamon roll (known as NG, apparently). It was $5 cheaper than the original $55 pricetag. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference. Not only because I hadn’t seen their original cinnamon roll in-person, but also because I was captured by the smells as I walked in to this beautiful cafe in Tianmu.

So the cinnamon flavour here was strong, and I feel like it had a bit of nutmeg in there as the flavour wasn’t as pure cinnamon as I expected. However, that’s not to say I didn’t like it, I really did! More on the bready side than both Leaven and Coppii above, and slightly closer to the beautiful breadiness of Miss V Bakery I really enjoyed the chewy texture with a big smile on my face.

5. Rolling Eyes 麵包與咖啡 (Maps, FB, IG)

Rolling eyes Cinnamon roll $50

Definitely a reasonably priced option if you’re in the market for a cinnamon roll that is delicious but doesn’t break the bank. Crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and packed full of cinnamon flavour. This was a great cinnamon roll and quite similar in appearance to the one by GuYu. I don’t know why, though, it just didn’t wow me with punches of flavour like the Leaven one did.

Bottom line

This is, in no way, a definitive list of the only 5 cinnamon rolls in Taipei. You guys spoke on IG and FB, and these were popular ones among some that I went to try. I love bread. I love pastry. I am destined to be fat forever. But I just don’t care.

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