Taipei Restaurant – 幸福的一天 happiness day Breakfast Cafe

Sometimes you just want a thick breakfast sandwich that’s going to get you smiling on the weekend in Taipei. You may even pair it with a visit to ChiaTe for what is one of my go-to pineapple cakes in Tapei, or where they have one of my top 3 favourite egg tarts in the city.

Food menu for Happiness Day Cafe

You order on an ipad, so it’s pretty straight forward, especially with the English there for you, too.

Drinks Menu for Happiness Day cafe

芋泥肉鬆三明治 $95
Taro and pork floss sandwich

Taro is something that I find divides a lot of people. Frankly speaking, if you haven’t tried it yet then I will go on record to say you’re missing out and your life will change for the better if you just give it a whirl. However, if you don’t like it, well…

芋泥肉鬆三明治 $95

Mashed taro is something to behold, often sweetened, it goes perfectly with the salty pork floss. Really, the epitome of a match made in heaven. I would come here just for this. I mean, it’s not the only place doing this in the city, and I would probably prefer to hit up 滿樂 if I had a choice, but this is a great alternative if this is closer to you.

泰式檸檬鷄腿排嫩蛋三明治 $180
Thai style lemon chicken and egg sandwich

泰式檸檬鷄腿排嫩蛋三明治 $180
伯爵紅茶 $60 Early grey

OK, so once you’ve recovered from your heart attack after seeing the price of this sandwich, you’ll wake up to find it on your plate and you may just 笑一個 smile a little… Fat, bursting, juicy, zesty, I wasn’t dissapointed.
The chicken was deliciously juicy with lots of the classic flavours you’d expect from a ‘Thai-style’ sandwich – citrusy, spicy, and salty. The egg was packed right in there looking delicious, done in what I would describe as a Tamagoyaki-style egg – layers of egg, seasoned and sweetened, done in a special pan, Japanese style.
The sandwich was great, but honestly, I would probably just stick to the taro and pork flass banger above ^

As for the Early grey tea, it was fine, but nothing special – I’ll probably just stick with the Fortnum and Mason tea bags, truth be told.

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