Taipei restaurant – 原燒 ONiKU 台北林森北店Yakiyan Linsen N. Restaurant

This post is throwing out an honorary mention to one of the nicer lunchboxes I have Ubereats’d (lets make that a thing), recently.

炙燒骰子牛丼 $199 zhì shāo shǎi zǐ niú jǐng
Broiled Diced Beef Don

炙燒骰子牛丼 $199

I really wanted to sink a burger, but I also wanted some vegetables without having to actually cook anything, the result – beef with some veg. Was it worth it?

The beef was well cooked and well seasoned, the veg was crunchy – just the way I like it -, the rice was spot on, and the sauce that was generously splashed on top managed to compliment the whole dish. So, that sauce they put on top has this citrusy taste akin to yuzu, and is seasoned well with flashes of green onion throughout. That egg just marries everything nicely.

炙燒牛排松阪豚丼 $199 zhì shāo niú pái sōng bǎn tún jǐng
Broiled Steak and Pork Jowl Don

炙燒牛排松阪豚丼 $199

The beef, again, was cooked really well. It wasn’t thick chunks as in the previous dish, but it was still seasoned and cooked excellently. The pork here, though, was the star. Thinly cut, juicy, cooked perfectly, and seasoned just right. Another winner of a dish with no complaints.

韓式泡菜 $35 hán shì pào cài
Korean-style Kimchi

韓式泡菜 $35

A side of kimchi seldom dissapoints. Sour, spicy, crunchy, fresh, and clean. Yep. Done.

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