Taipei Restaurant – 阿仁炒飯 Ah Ren Fried Rice

How cool does this place look, though? Old school brilliance right in the North of Taipei just before you head over the river into Shilin. In the mood for some fried rice?

The menu is split into sections starting from the top:

Fried Rice 炒飯類
Fried Noodles 炒麵類
Noodle Soup 湯麵類
Soup 湯類
Stir-fried 熱炒類

What are you in for tonight?

Preserved meat with egg fried rice
臘肉蛋炒飯 – $110

臘肉蛋炒飯 – $110

Delicious from the first bite, to the last. Absolutely worth ordering. It may look a little oily, but it really wasn’t at all. The rice was perfect, there was plenty of egg, and there was plenty of that salty sweet air dried preserved meat we all know and love. Would Uncle Roger approve? I hope not, as he seems to want MSG on everything, so let’s just hope that this was un-strained and made with the loving hand of a skilled Taiwanese cook.

You see that kimchi lurking on the rice? You have to go get that out the fridge by yourself, it doesn’t come on your table and it’s 100% FREE. Get it! It’s spicy, sour, salty, and cannot be missed.

‘Everything’ special fried rice
什錦招牌炒飯 – $110

什錦招牌炒飯 – $110

Fried rice seems to divide people. Spicy? Egg? Corn? Meat? Ketchup? White rice? This ‘everything’ special fried rice certainly didn’t divide the two of us as we ate in complete silence with smiling faces. Why talk when there’s good food going cold with every passing second?

Alright, so this rice was good, but if you pinned me down and forced me to choose betwen this ‘everything’ special fried rice and the preserved meat fried rice above, I would probably go with the preserved meat one…

Pickled cabbage and intestine soup
酸菜豬腸湯 – $50

酸菜豬腸湯 – $50

The muky colour of these types of soup can often put the weak-stomached off. And, in all honesty, I completely understand. But, if you push yourself past that point you may just be surprised. The intestines in here were juicy and full of flavour, and the pickled cabbage and ginger really helped to cut through the rich pork. Give it a go, at $50, it’s better than many other Taiwanese soups I have had in the past…

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