Taipei restaurant – 施家鮮肉湯圓 savoury soup dumplings, DaQiaoTou.

Disclaimer – This was my first ever savoury soup dumplings

I won’t be returning for the savoury soup dumplings, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s game over for this restaurant…

鮮肉湯圓 Savoury soup dumplings in soup $55

Not for me. I understand that not everyone has the same taste in food. And the slimey, chewy, scalding hot savoury soup dumplings just aren’t for me at all. Now, that isn’t to say that aren’t without merit at all, the filling and soup inside the filling are both really tasty. But, the rest is just not for me.

湯圓餛飩 Savoury soup dumplings with wantons in soup $55

So we know how I feel about the savoury soup dumplings, and to be honest, the wantons weren’t all that much better. They were better, but not by a whole lot. I would seriously just pass on these two dishes…

焢肉飯 Braised pork belly over rice $55

The best dish by far was this braised belly pork over rice. The delicate flavour of pork was just awesome all around. I have said that I will try and come back here quite regularly, just for this. And that’s a big statement, as there are plenty of other really great places dotted around the city where I like to get my belly pork on.

燙青菜 Boiled veg $35

Yeh, it’s boiled veg, isn’t it? Nothing specil, but good for digestion.

So, bottom line is, this place isn’t going to win any awards on top restauraunts in Taipei. However, it’s one to keep in the back pocket for when you’re in the mood for a slab of belly pork and some tasty rice.

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