Taipei restaurant – Solo Pasta

Updated September, 2022

Prices have been updated

When you are searching for an Italian restaurant with legitimately delicious and affordable pasta and a tiramisu in Taipei, Solo Pasta, located near MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua station, in the popular Eastern Area of Taipei, this could just be the place you haven’t heard of yet.

Taipei Restaurant Solo Pasta Entrance
Solo Pasta

I’ve only been to a handful of Italian Taipei restaurants, mainly because of the price. I sometimes feel that the quantity is just slightly lacking, is all. However, Solo Pasta really delivers the goods. For the menu, I feel like their Facebook page can best accurately tell you what’s going on.

1. Focaccia ($80)


It looks dry, I will concede. However, it’s a solid focaccia right here! There’s lots of topping, a good amount of cheese, sausage meat, and onions. It’s top. It’s slightly overpriced, but it’s worth a pop.

2. Wide egg pasta with classical meat sauce ($350)


I love some pappardelle pasta, I like some meat sauce/ragu, and if each one of these two are done well, then put together they are a wonder to behold. This dish here, if you were to push me to a grade out of 10, then I think I would give it an 8.

3. Smoke duck breast in balsamic cream sauce with spaghetti ($280)

Duck tagliatelle

I’ve recently bought a big multipack of duck breasts from costco, of which I would highly recommend! I love some duck. Some people get worried bout the fat content, but I don’t care. Get in my mouth! The duck was good, the speghetti was really well cooked, but the best thing about this all was the sauce that held it together. Moreish, with some parmesan on the side.

4. Tiramisu ($140)


I am a huge fan of tiramisu. There’s just something about a creamy, boozey, chocolatey combination of deliciousness with rather questionnable (and debatable) roots. This tiramisu was a solid addition to my bookmarks. Was it better than Antico Forno, Divino, or Gusto Market of Taste? Why choose, have ’em all and enjoy life large!

Confession time – I hate Taiwanese Italian food, especially when more effort has been put into the restaurant than the actual food. Wait, that doesn’t feel much of a confession. I feel like it could be in agreement with many of the foreign population dotted around this island. Am I right? Solo Pasta, however, does seem to be wanting to change that idea.

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