Taipei street food – 藍家割包 Lan Family’s GuaBao

Taipei street food – 藍家割包 Lan Family’s GuaBao

Its not my first post about this place, and I am damn sure it won’t be my last. But, why so many posts? If you’ve been to this spot before then you already know, but if you haven’t then let’s just take a look at those two pictures below and then re-assess your life choices to date…

Even the guys over at Migrationology have been posting about this place, so you know it’s legit!

Alright so I am not going to go into the long history of the ZongZi, but rest assured that this tried and tested method of carbs is a true winner. Inside this one you’re going to find peanuts, fatty pork, chestnut, egg yolk, and a bit of mushroom thrown in their for good measure. Topped with corriander, and lashings of the red bottled sauce that’s on each table, and you’re flying high.

But seriously, never, ever look past the incredible flavours of a delicate steamed bun stuffed with fatty pork, corriander, peanut sugar, and love. I always go for the third one down from the top – 綜合(半肥半瘦) which translates as a mix of fatty and lean meat. It’s the best. If you really want an artery clogger than go for the top one – 肥肉 all fatty pork. And if you’re one of those fitness freaks that is on a ‘cheat day’ (every day, am I right) then go for the 2nd one down from the top – 瘦肉 lean meat.

Seriously, this place is a once every couple of weeks eatery. If you really love life, then once a week. You won’t regret ordering here, ever.

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