Yilan County, JiaoXi Township – 兆品酒店礁溪 Maison de Chine Hotel Jiaoxi

Updated September, 2022

Prices updated

So you’ve made it out of TP and you’ve found yourself with the droves of people decending on Yilan. Sack that off and head over to JiaoXi. You could either go to the MU Hotel or you could go and check out this hotel for some food, instead.

The menu is large, but you could always go for one of those set meals, which is exactly what we did. But, because we are over indlugent fools, we also added on a meat dish, too.

Roasted crispy baby duck set menu

This is a pretty packed full salad right here. You got some fancy brocolli, some lettuce leaves, tomato, onion, seaweed, and a couple abalone, too. It was good, but perhaps a little overdressed.

The vegetables are done in the duck oil, and were tasty enough, but nothing to go nuts about. I, for one, and am a fan of those tiny shrimp on top. But it doesn’t need it.

Not much can make a whole crispy duck look appetizing when presented like this, but…

The chef went to work, and he sorted everything right out for us.

Let’s be real, how good does that look? I will tell you right now – it tastes even better than it looks!

Think: crispy skin, fatty skin, succulent meat, duck flavour

Crispy barbecued pork
脆皮叉燒 cuì pí chā shāo

There was a reason why we had to order this as an extra – we had done our homework. You absolutely cannot let this opportunity pass you by. Actually, I would even say that this pork may be more worthwhile than the duck…

They serve the pork with thinly sliced lemon, which struck me as a bit weird. That was, until I paired it with the pork, and then my whole world changed. What an incredible accompaniment lemon is to pork.

And then came the congee. I am not too fond of congee, especially after I have gorged on meat throughout the whole meal to have this finishing the savoury dishes off.

Honestly, the congee was fine. It was tasty enough, it had plenty of things all thrown in, but I think I am just not a congee kind of man.

So if the congee wasn’t filling enough, then just wait until you get 4 balls of taro paste thrown your way. Dense, filling, straddling the sweet/savoury divide, and paired what what looks like kiddies cereal.

It was tasty enough, but it wasn’t particularly memorable.

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