Taipei restaurant–帥哥滷肉飯 Handsome man’s rice

Naturally, as a handsome man (cough cough), I found myself craving some fatty pork with rice the other day – likely story. To mix it up, I fancied it done with mouth numbing heat, just for kicks.

Alas, Handsome Man’s Rice (really, why would you call your own place that?) Serves up traditional style Taiwanese food in a modern setting. Is it trying to be something it’s not? Well, sort of. I mean, you won’t find that 50 year old, never-once-cleaned pot still bubbling away in the corner. What you’ll get here is cleanliness (from what we saw) and homely Taiwanese food.

So, we went for a bowl of the normal rice 滷肉飯 and also the mouth numbing spicy rice 麻辣滷肉飯. Both were great, but the spice just added that little something. Is it deserving of the extra money? Well, perhaps not, as I saw that the only difference was a teaspoon of some hot chilli sauce over the original bowl of 滷肉飯…
I guess I was expecting the 滷肉 to be cooked in with some spice.

Anyway, it was tasty, nonetheless. But I probably just expected a bit of something more special and unique. The fatty pork was great and the rice was fine. But it didn’t rock my world as I had perhaps hoped it would do. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again, but I certainly wouldn’t deter anyone else from going, either.

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