Taipei restaurant – We里手工 Pizza

Taipei restaurant – We里手工 Pizza

I love pizza. I love sushi. So surely getting them from the same restaurant is the best way to go? But when was the last time you saw a sushi pizzeria? Fear not, here you go!

The menu

生啤 + we里特製披薩

Beer and Pizza – match made in heaven, right?

How good is that sapporo looking right about now?
Let’s be real, it’s not winning an italian pizza award. But thats OK. The flavours are good, the ingredients are great, and the price is really reasonable at $220.

Salty parma ham goes so nicely with the basil. You may be disappointed by the clunky crust of the pizza, but if you can look past that, I feel like the flavour almost makes up for it.

綜合握壽司 – 7 piece nigiri set

Spot on. $380 for this plate of beautifulness, with shrimp, tuna, salmon, squid, uni, flounder and a fish I don’t know (back right)
Drool central

The value for money here is unreal. $380 for this is a steal. The fish all tasted fresh and had plenty of flavour. Pick of the bunch? Probably the salmon. But followed closely by the flounder.

山藥明太子 – Japanese Yam with Mentaiko (cod) sauce

$120 for this plate may seem pricey, but the cod sauce and the Japanese yam in itself are both really expensive ingredients. It’s absolutely worth trying as they are delicious together.

Salty, fishy cod sauce meets delicately crunchy yam that oozes flavour. This is a big recommendation, you must get this.

松阪豚肉串 Special pork kebab (right)
柚香鷄肉串 Pomelo kebab (left)

IMHO, the pizza and sushi both eclipse the BBQ style food here, based on my limited (2 kebab sticks) experience here. The pork was fine. The chicken was fine. Neither I would rush back for.

鮭魚卷 Tuna roll

Perhaps best value of the evening was this delicate little tuna roll. Standing at $80 on the menu, the rice encased the plentiful contents wonderfully, and was inhaled by myself piece after piece.

Slap a bit of wasabi on the top, finish it off with the pickled ginger, and you should leave happy enough after your (perhaps??) first ever sushi pizzeria experience.

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