Taipei restaurant – 越南清化河粉 Vietnamese noodles

Updated, September 2022

Prices updated

So these Vietnamese noodles just hit the spot for me. It might be the noodles, it might be the meat to noodle ratio, it might be the insanely good tomatoey broth, or it may just be every damned thing in the bowl.

So from top left down, you have the Pho area, dry noodle area, Ban Mih area, assorted cold side dish area and then the drinks area bottom left. From the top right you have the rice area, Chef’s recommendation area, soup area, and finally the assorted hot dish area.

I actually really like the way the menu is set out. I think it’s easy to follow and there’s just enough on there to have a great selection for just about anybody wanting to get some good pho-noodz (or rice).

Chicken and tomato Pho
越南番茄雞肉 yuè nán fān qié jī ròu

I would say it would be a tragedy to come here the first time and not get this dish. The staple of the restaurant and just ultimate delicious healthiness in a bowl.

First you’re going to get slapped in the face with tomato flavour, then carrot, then a deep richness from a long, slow-cooked broth. The noodles are really well cooked with a good bite to them, and the chicken is a great vessel for flavour, too.

However, if you’re not in the mood for chicken, then go for pork豬 or beef牛, instead.

Vietnamese rice noodle bowl (pork)
yuè nán gān bàn miàn xiàn (zhū)

Alright, stay with me here. The pork looks dryyyyy, right? It wasn’t. I was gutted when it was put infront of me, but it was remarkably juicy.

You know what’s even better? dunking it in that spicy chilli oil they have right there on the table – winner!

I am not a huge noodle fan, but I did quite enjoy these. I’m also not a fan of soup, so this satisfied my Vietnamese craving with the flavours, excluding that hot soup that just splashes all over the place as your noodles constantly slip out of your chopsticks – you know who you are.

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