Taipei street food – 傳奇麵線 ChuanQi vermicelli noodles

Thick soup, delicious noodles, oysters, intestines and big chunks of pork, topped with corriander and doused with some chilli sauce. What’s not to love?

So you’re talking as low as $30 for a small bowl of these vermicelli noodles, but if you’re wanting a bowl to include oysters, pork and some offal, then you’re looking at $55 for a small bowl and $70 for a big bowl. I’d highly recommend you to order the last of the 2 options.

What I ordered:

Mixed bowl of vermicelli noodles with oysters, pork and offal
綜合麵線 zòng hé miàn xiàn

Oysters – great
Offal – an aquired taste, but some chewy goodness
Pork – unusual addition, but delightful
Overall – Excellent value, filling lunch

They even teach you what toppings to add in, and in what amounts, to make the noodles taste even better. For the recommended dose, go for:
1 dash of vinegar
1 dash of garlic paste
2 dashes of chilli oil

However, I went for 2 dashes of vinegar and 1 of the chilli oil and I felt that this balance was more suitable than what they suggested (I tried both, don’t worry, I was happy to nail 2 bowls).

I was surprised at how big the oysters were. They were juicy
and meaty – everything you want from an oyster

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