Taipei restaurant – TuuGuud Pretzels, TianMu

On the busy ZhongShan N Rd that cuts through Taipei City from North to South, you’ll find TuuGuud Pretzels just south of the incredible Tasters dessert shop in TianMu.

Tuuguud is still pretty new on the scene, but it’s really turning out some great products in a unique way.

Tuuguud originally started off as a hands-on bakery studio for students, kids and adults to come along and enjoy a baking class. As you can see from the pictures above, there are plenty of ovens and open space inside for a cooking class.

What TuuGuud found is that a lot of the kids who came in to do cooking were crazy about their pretzels. So, Tuuguud decided to start producing them for the public to buy, too. They started with a few flavours like sea salt and cinnamon, then they have slowly added to the menu to cover a whole variety of flavours catering to all tastes.

Whilst not all are available on a daily basis, the staff speak English and are more than willing to help if you give them a call to ask – +886228748825 – or just send them a message on FB to ask.

Sea Salt Pretzel $70

Pretzels are something close to my heart. I studied German for many years and have visited Deutschland quite a lot, travelling around city to city and town to town. The good thing about the pretzels at TuuGuud, is that they aren’t as stodgy, heavy, or dense as a lot of the traditional style pretzels. The skin is a little thinner and the inside is a little softer in comparison, and I don’t think that’s particularly a bad thing, it’s just not as typical a pretzel as you may find in Germany.

Cheese and pepperoni pretzel $80

Basically this should be renamed as a ‘pizza pretzel’ and it’s delicious. Crispy pepperoni and salty cheese, what more can you say? Maybe dip it in some hot sauce or some ketchup? Win.

Cheese pretzel stick $55

Mozzarella cheese aplenty in this pretzel stick. The pretzel is still light and fluffy inside and the cheese has a strong yet mild flavour. It’s solid and really enjoyable. I don’t have any complaints, but perhaps a suggestion: stick a sausage in the middle and make a sausage cheese pretzel stick…How good does that sound?

Pretzel sausage $65

I find it difficult to get on board when people brand these meat sticks as ‘sausage’. As a Brit, sausage sarnies and bacon sarnies are the backbone of the greasy spoons of Britain, so I feel like I have tried and tasted some damned delicious sausages over the years. Yet the American style hot dog sausage and the sweetened oily sausages of Taiwan are mostly all you can find here without doing some good research on finding a source. But, these sausages here seem to be a bit meatier than the average American hot dog style you’re likely to find in most places, and have more of a chewy bite. Gimme some ketchup and I’m a happy man.

Meat floss pretzel $80

I had my doubts, I’ll be honest. But it turned out to be a deliciously unique Taiwanese flavour right here. Pork floss meets seaweed and a sweetened mayonnaise – done.

Almond pretzel $80

Yep, the delicious roasted almond flavour comes through atop the fluffy pretzel and is delicious. One of my favourites.

Whipped Thai milk tea $80

Recently the craze for Dalgona coffee has swept the world. But after watching James Hoffman explain what it is, I feel like I will not be checking it out any time soon…

However, the Thai owner of TuuGuud might well have struck gold with this Thai-Dalgona hybrid. Thai flavours come through and the bitterness cuts through the sweet sugaryness that a lot of Thai tea is famed for. Stick some whipped cream on top and pour over ice and you’ve got a great afternoon tea.

The only thing that could make that Thai whipped milk tea any better is by pairing it with this intoxicating cinnamon pretzel. I go nuts for anything cinnamon, and I love pretzels. So, cinnamon pretzel is right on the money for me.

Chocolate chip cookies (3) $50

I seldom eat cookies to be fair. However, these cookies went down a treat. I like them chewy with soft chocolate, and these ticked both boxes right there. They were quite sweet, but I am known to have quite a sweet tooth, so it didn’t bother me.

If you’re interested in a cooking class then check out the link to their website here:
Guudnest cooking class

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  1. This was aa lovely blog post


    1. Thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have you been there to check it out ?


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