Taipei bakery – WuPaoChun 吳寶春

Taiwan is brimming with bakeries that look and smell great, but never deliver. They often deliver with some sort of soft and chewy bread-resembling mush. WuPaoChun is not one of those such bakeries.

The original Taipei branch of this island-popular bakery is in the SongShan Creative Park, and this XinYi branch is relatively (around 1 year now) new to the scene. But, they were very quick to open a restaurant/cafe within the bakery, and it looks good, too!

Raclette looking ridiculously good
Gift Boxes

Gift boxes galore in the bakery. I confess to never have trying the pineapple cake here, but I have been told that it is pretty damn good (it’s gotta be better than Sunnyhills to get anywhere near me).

They’ve even teamed up with FikaFika Cafe to create this intense coffee and champion bread gift box – win!

Gimme, gimme
Look at all these freshly baked breads – yum

There’s just too many baked goods to set them up in individual pictures. But, a quick look should tell you more than enough about how good this bakery is.

What can I recommend?
The champion bread is amazing, with such unique flavours as longan and red wine running through. Also very good is their french-style baguette. I continue to try many of the other bread and pastries on offer here, and nothing has dissapointed me so far. I am always wary of croissants, having visited and tasted many in Paris, so I will probably continue to wait a while before trying them (Purebread do some damn good ones, to be fair!)

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