New Taipei City street food – 淡水文化阿給 Tamsui WenHua A-gei

If you ever feel like wading through the droves of tourists littering the streets of DanShui/Tamsui then this is a very traditional Taiwanese snack to get your chops around.

阿給 Ā gěi – $40

Tofu skin enveloping bean ‘glass’ noodles = A Gei.

What is it?
Traditional flavours aren’t for everyone. But, this is definitely more of an ‘entry level’ snack as far as Taiwanese snacks go. I mean, stinky tofu, century egg, pig blood cake, gelatinous this and thats, and crunchy this and thats. They can be a somewhat overwhelming.

Simply put, this is a thin tofu skin filled with glass noodles (starch and water made noodles) and topped with a chilli sauce. Now, I say it’s a chilli sauce, and it looks pretty potent. But, it’s not as spicy as you may think. It does make your tongue tingle a little, but nothing offensive.

One response to “New Taipei City street food – 淡水文化阿給 Tamsui WenHua A-gei”

  1. And it’s worth pointing out that this is one that vegetarians can enjoy too. A couple of shops along the old street have a veg friendly option. Just look for 素食 on the menu.


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