Tainan City – 文章牛肉湯 Wen Zhang Beef Soup

Tainan City – 文章牛肉湯 Wen Zhang Beef Soup

A Tainan institution – Beef Soup.
I will, without fail, eat this each and every time I come back to visit Tainan.
I will almost certainly come here for a bowl, and I will almost certainly head to 六千牛肉湯 for a second bowl, too.

This is perhaps one of those menus where you could order anything and it would be delicious. It was 07:00 when we got there (even though on Google Maps it says it was closed at that time), so we werent about to go all-out this early on.
We made sure we ordered some rice with pork gravy, and two bowls of luxurious fresh beef soup.
(I have ordered the beef gravy over rice before, but I thought the spices overpowered the beef flavour a bit too much).

豬肉燥飯 zhū ròu zào fàn

You’re lucky here in that a bowl of rice or rice with gravy will be given to you with any order of soup – WIN!

It’s just the kind of fatty goodness you want when you wake up. No, bear with me on this, really!

招牌牛肉湯 zhāo pái niú ròu tāng – $100

Fresh beef, you’re not going to find any of that frozen beef down here! Thinly sliced from a beautiful slab of beef, then dropped into the hot bowl of soup and left to cook whilst travelling to your table. The beef remains perfectly delicate and succulent, bursting with flavour each time you chew down.

Absolutely make sure to check Beef Soup off the list when you’re down in Tainan, you won’t regret it!

Monday 10:00 – 20:30 + Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 02:00

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