Taipei restaurant – 初魚屋台

Only 7 seats at the table – so it is best to book (see the end of this post for details on how)

The inside of the restaurant is really small. In fact, there’s no bathroom. But, they also own the restaurant next door, so don’t be too worried.

Here’s the deal: $1,000 per person, with an additional 10% service charge on top – $1,100 per person. Now, that may seem like a steep price. But, take into account that you’re going to get 10 dishes of sushi, and it’s not that much more than sushi express or any of those sushi chain restaurants. So, in actual fact, I think the value is very good.

Above were the first dishes to be presented by the 1 man chef inside. Precision skills on the knife left me in awe. All of the fish tasted fresh, and was thick enough without becoming chewy. I didn’t particularly enjoy the egg and tofu mix with the fish eggs. The texture was a little grainy, and the flavour was a little weird, to me. But, others in our party enjoyed it…

As you know from my many posts about sushi , it is safe to say that I am infatuated with scallop and will order it pretty much everywhere and anywhere I can.
This scallop was criss-crossed with the knife by the sushi chef, then dressed with a light soy and yuzu dressing, then further topped with grated lime zest.

Fresh, delicious, interesting textures, and moreish.

Winner. I don’t really like sushi rolls that much, and won’t normally order them. So, this was a bit of a change for me. But, a delicious change. As you can see, the ingredients inside were plentiful, and the fish was abundant!

We were then introduced to the crab. I am still not sure how I feel when the crab is brought out alive (albeit heavily comatose) and then ceremoniously ripped apart infront of your eyes as the nerves still reflex…

The crab was ceremoniously presented, then taken away to boil (the legs) and baked (the shell and body).

Again, as previously said in posts about sushi , uni is also a big weakness of mine. An acquired taste and definitely some mind-over-matter to be done upon first trying it, but I can 100% vouch that it is entirely worth going the extra distance for.
Both from Hokkaido, the shrimp was delicate and creamy, and the uni itself was intense in flavour. I was shocked at the amount of uni you get for the size of the dish itself. It would be quite normal to only get around 1/2 the portion size of uni for this mouthful. But, I welcomed the volume.

Delicate shrimp nigiri
The crab was baked and then the meat inside the shell was spooned over the leg meat extracted by the sushi chef
How good does that look? Like, seriously, how good??

Is there an argument for Crab Vs Lobster in the seafood world? If there is, I think I would side with lobster. But, crab has a special place in my heart. Well, white crab meat does, anyway. The white crab meat (leg) was incredibly intense in flavour whilst being perfectly delicate. But, the meat from the body baked in the shell and the spooned on top was a bit too strong in flavour for my liking, and detracted from the delicate white meat underneath. I appreciate the idea to balance it out, but for my taste I would prefer it to just be the white meat and the rice.

Delicious miso

Ultimately, Miso is miso. Or so you may have been lead to believe. Miso can vary so much. Walk into any 7-11 and pick up a pack of 味增 and boil it up and you’ll see what I mean. This was salty yet sweet, plenty of natural shrimp flavour coming from the shrimp head cooked inside, and some off cuts of the sushi prepared throughout the meal, too. It was delicious.

Black sugar and soy cheesecake

A tasty way to end the meal

How do you make a reservation?
Online reservations only. Check out the website and follow the English options.

Tel: 0958 894 576
Opening Times: 11:30 – 14:30 and 17:30 – 21:30 (2 sittings in each time period)

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