Taipei restaurant – City Star Restaurant 京星港式飲茶 24hr

Updated, September 2022

Prices updated

The menu is vast in this place, much like the menu of dim sum bars/restaurants in HK. But, it’s a 24hr restaurant, so I guess you can take your time…

$50 小菜蜜汁芋頭

Right off the bat the waitresses come round with a platter of side dishes you can choose from. Pick the ones you want. These are the ones we went for. Taro is a weakness of mine and this one was pretty good. Using honey to dress it was ingenious. Probably save it for after the meal almost as a dessert, as it is sweeter.

$50 小菜涼拌木耳

We also had to go for the cold wood ear spiked with chilli and garlic. You get a vinegar flavour coming through, then comes the chilli and garlic, followed by the silky smoothness and woodiness of the wood ear. Win.

$300 海鮮乾燒伊麵

I am not a huge noodle fan, but this plate was pretty solid. For the 4 of us, we could get around 1 1/2 bowls each. The noodles were full of flavour, lots of fresh squid and shrimp, and plenty of fresh flavours going on. Worth an order, for sure.

$115 雙色蒸燒賣

Sometimes shaomai can tend to be small and lifeless, with both a small amount of filling and a thicker skin than I would prefer. But, these ones actually hit the spot, for my liking. There was plenty of filling with plenty of flavour, and the skin was perfectly thin.

$98 叉燒包

These look quite bready, and actually, they were. I wouldn’t get them again.

The filling was sparse and the flavour was just ok. I wouldn’t bother. If you are wanting this flavour, but on another level, you should absolutely 100% completely definitely check out 3 coins, near Main Station or even TimHoWan near Main Station.

$130 蝦餃

Shrimp is a complete gamble in the UK. But, here in Taiwan, I regularly make the order. Shrimp dumplings are often on the menu and I will often order them. The skin on these was chewy and thin, and the filling was meaty and shrimpy. They were good, but not enough for me to go ‘wow’.

$85 酥炸馬蹄條

Deep fried mars bars. That’s what these look like (milky way bars for you Americans out there. In fact, on this note, who knew that in the UK what we know as a Milky Bar is actually a Mars Bar in USA. Similarly, what we know as a Mars Bar in the UK is actually a Milky Bar in the States?) I digress, What the hell had we just ordered?

Deep fried water chestnut sticks. They were sweet, but didn’t have much of a discernible flavour. In fact, I had to check up what this was upon writing this post. I won’t order them again. Firstly, it is deep fried – unhealthy. Secondly – It doesn’t taste of anything. If its fried and tasty then I will eat it. But, if it tastes of nothing and is fried, then what’s the point?

$90 鮮竹牛肉球

I would order these again and again. But, it may not be that these are particularly delicious, but perhaps more that I love Beef. It is by far my favourite meat. Plenty of beef, plenty of spring onion, and plenty of flavour bursting with every mouth full.

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