Taipei restaurant – 采味食光Give Happiness

We had walked by here a few times and it had always been busy. So, this time, we made a conscious effort to get there a little earlier, and it paid off. We got a table for 2, and settled down inside. Inside it’s very bright and has the feeling of a modern-day cafe.

They’ve got a good selection of noodle dishes – 乾麵類 (dried noodles), 涼麵類 (cold noodles), and 湯麵類 (soup with noodles). But, I’m not that crazy bout noodles. I wanted some rice – 米食類.

乾燒蝦仁飯 $200

Tick for this one on the menu sheet and you won’t be disappointed. You get enough shrimp/prawns for the $200 price tag the set comes with, but really, you get plenty of extras, too. There’s a good soup (and I’m not really a soup kinda guy, either) made of mushroom and cucumber, some tofu and pork side dish, a small side dish of vegetables, scrambled egg side dish (way too oily), and a great bowl of rice. All flavours (excluding eggs) were spot-on. Clean and delicious – especially for that price tag.

采味鷄飯 $155

Another firm re-order is this fried chicken. Expect the same side dishes as the shrimp above, but subtract the shrimp for a fried chicken leg. The leg only has one bone, the rest is butterflied and deep fried to perfection. Crunchy skin, juicy, and lip-smackingly good. Add that sauce you see down there on the left side in the mini jug, and you’re off to a winner.

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 11:30 – 14:00 and 17:30 – 21:00.

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