New Taipei City dessert, YongHe – 無名雞蛋糕 ‘No name’ pancakes

I went with ‘pancakes’ because I am not quite sure what else you can call 鷄蛋糕 apart from potentially ‘cast-iron egg cakes’ or ‘pancake cakes’. So, there we have it. Leave your thoughts on what they could be called (or if you agree, naturally) in the comments section at the end.

We lined up for this place a long time back, but they sold out after we had been in the line for 20 mins. So, this time, we got there a little earlier and persevered. Now, firstly, this lady is hardcore. The only business hours she seems to keep for this place is 11:00am until sold out. That’s literally what is written on her FB page, good on you!

So it’s essentially an eggy pancake mix used for the batter and it’s piped into cast iron moulds that are scoldingly hot. It’s turned several times – each vendor has their own individual take on how many times and in what specific way it should be turned – and then scooped into a paper (always, to save them from sweating) bag.

The result is this crazy good, eggy, cakey mix that has a slight smokey flavour from the heat at which it is cooked. Still interested? Damn right you are.

But if the original flavour isn’t your thing (don’t be silly), then you absolutely must try these cheese ones! In fact, even if you’re already a lover of the original flavour, these cheese ones are insaaaaane anyway! Mozzarella cheese oozes out in copious amounts as you split these in half (see video below). You have to come here!


The map below says it’s for a tea shop, but trust me you will smell the pancake vendor there. She usually parks up outside the tea shop. Enjoy! And don’t forget to tag me if you go! @eatingintaipei

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