Taipei restaurant – Lunching @ 杭州小籠包 HangZhou Steamed Soup Dumplings

So yeh, we all know DingTaiFeng 鼎泰豐 is the absolute pinnacle of steamed soup dumplings in Taiwan. But, there are times when you just want to try something else. Today was one of those times.

蟹黃小籠包 (8) $240

And let’s face it, how damn good do they look?! Crab roe steamed soup dumplings, and 8 of them!

Inside, drool…

So, $240 for 8 of these bad boys may seem a little bit steep. But, every now and then you have to push the boat out, right?

小籠包 (8) $160

The classic steamed soup dumpling with a pork mixed filling. They were really good, and I would say a tiny amount off the DingTaiFeng perfection steamed soup dumplings.

炒空心菜 $180

All of that dumpling goodness deserves to be washed down with some vegetables. But, a bit pricey for some water spinach, I feel. Especially considering that I could pick these up at my local market for $40-$50. Nevertheless, it was tasty enough.

巧克力小籠包 $140

Whaaaat?! Yeh, if you read Chinese, then you read that right! Chocolate steamed dumplings. And oh my, how good they were.

Let’s face it, you know they’re going to be sickly and rich. But, who cares, they are good. Oozy, gooey dark chocolate.

Bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a solid alternative to Ding Tai Feng, then HangZhou steamed soup dumplings is a great alternative. There’s a couple of branches, too, so see which one you’re closest to.

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