Taipei restaurant – Totto Ramen

Why have I only been here just now?

Totto Ramen is not new on the scene in Taipei, with a second location opening up a little over a year ago. But, I haven’t really seen or heard much about it, hence my first time going just the other week. But, I can safely say that Totto Ramen, Nagi, and 麵屋一燈 ITTO are firmly placed as my Top 3 in Taipei for an amazing bowl of faultless Ramen noodles.

Totto Ramen’s Menu 

The menu online shows a lot of different bowls of Ramen, a flavour definitely to suit all. But, not all of these are available in all of the branches. We had a bowl of the Classic Ramen (Chicken Paitan) and a bowl of the Curry Ramen (Curry Paitan) 

Curry Paitan $290

I don’t really class Curry Ramen as a standard flavour for ramen. But, it hit the spot and ticked all the boxes for me. I like a bit of spice – this had it. I like a heavier flavour – this had it. I like fragrant spices – this had them. I like my noodles to have some bite and texture to them – this had that. It had it all.  I ordered mine with the Char Su pork, and it didn’t disappoint.

I saw them using a blowtorch on the pork to give it a bit of that charred smokey flavour. It’s a good idea, to be fair.

Chicken Paitan $230

This one we decided to have with the chicken meat, to give a contrast of flavours between the pork and the chicken. The meat was succulent and plentiful. But the real winner here was the amazing flavour of the deep chicken broth. Instead of the normal pork broth most ramen stores use, Totto Ramen go for a wickedly deep and decadent chicken broth, and I could probably eat it by the bowl full. It’s not quite as rich as Chong Xi Ramen’s broth, but I don’t think that is a particularly bad thing. I think they have the depth of flavour on this broth absolutely perfect. And that egg, oh that egg…

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