Taipei street food – 藍家割包 Lan Jia Traditional Taiwanese Snack (round 2)

A staple in GongGuan, this place has been here for years, and I hope it continues to stay there forever! 

Steamed buns are filled with a delicious mix of fatty and lean pork, topped with pickled mustard greens, peanut powder, and coriander. 

Yessss! The interesting thing here, is that you can choose between exclusively lean (瘦肉 shòu ròu), exclusively fatty (肥肉) or a mix of both fatty and lean (綜合 zòng hé)

If this doesn’t look good to you, then please leave now…

I’ll be honest, getting a picture of this was difficult before I essentially inhaled it. The pork is just moreishly rich, and pairs wonderfully with the peanut powder and fresh coriander. All encased in this fluffy steamed bun, and it’s an absolute winner!

Make sure you get a bowl of soup. I highly recommend the corn and pork soup. However, if you don’t like meat on the bone, maybe pass on this one ^

However, if pork and sweetcorn aren’t your thing (then who are you!), then you could try out this intestine, adlay, and lotus seed soup – there’s a slight Chinese medicine flavour going on here, with some tasty offal in there, too.

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