Taipei Hotel – A CUT Steak

We did enough research to find out that A CUT steakhouse is probably one of the best in Taipei in terms of quality, size, price, and atmosphere within the restaurant. It also features in the Michelin Guide for 2018. Too good to be true?


Inside the Ambassador Hotel in Taipei’s Zhongshan District, you’ll find a door to A Cut from within the hotel lobby. There’s a private, almost secret feel to the restaurant.


There’s a Tron Legacy theme going on inside with all the neon lights, but it’s quite tasteful, to be fair.


They have a massive alcohol selection – looks like it could be pretty fun late at night. But, alas, we were here for lunch…


Adding to the futuristic feel within, you can pay for wine by the glass using your credit card, too!


Just for the skeptics out there, I wasn’t lying ^


I’ll have a bit of each, yeh?


Mesmerised by sizzling steak


I’ve stopped taking pics of the inside of the restaurant, as I feel like the blurring of faces degrades the quality of the photo. So, if you want to know what it looks like, go yourself 😉

A CUT’s Menu


As this was a birthday celebration, the wine was a must.

So, the deal with A Cut, is that you pay for the steak and you get the appetizer and dessert included in that one price.

Aus. Westholme Wagyu Oyster Blade Tip Tartar


When the dish arrived I was intrigued. I am a big fan of tartare in any form. But, specifically, steak tartare may just be my biggest weakness. The beef tartare I ate in Prague was beyond amazing, so I feel like my expectations are high. I thought ordering A Cut’s wagyu beef tartare would be solid, and the tartare itself actually was great. But, that thousand island – looking sauce on the side was basically a different coloured vinegar. Without the sauce, it wouldn’t perhaps be a complete dish. But, calm down on the sourness of the sauce and it would be so much nicer.

Raw Cobia


Beautifully presented in 3 bites of an appetiser, this cobia ceviche was perfectly balanced and definitely gets my vote.

Surf and Turf



I drool even as I write this. The steak was cooked perfectly, as were the tiger prawns. The roasted garlic bulb was sweet and flavourful, and melted together wonderfully with the steak.

The flavours were spot on, really.


Red wine, smoked, bamboo – all infused salt, with your normal sea salt to boot. The smoked salt was great, but I happened to have some bamboo salt at home so this is a flavour I am more used to, so it didn’t particularly impress me.


We chose to pair this with the Coriander-lime butter sweet corn. There was lots of butter, actually, perhaps a little too much. The lime and coriander did cut through it a bit, and the sweetness of the corn helped, but it was just a tad to much butter for my liking.

U.S Idaho Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef Rossini (with seared foie gras)



Hands down the best steak I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. I will now only ever order my steak with foie gras. This was beyond amazing! The flavours were moreish, and I savoured every moment of every mouthful. I just wish it wasn’t over so quickly! (and so expensive).

I thought this steak went really well with the red wine salt, so give it a try and let me know what you think.


This roasted cauliflower was much better than the corn, in my opinion. It was crunchy, a nice smokey flavour from the roasting, and a lovely freshness to pair with the steak.

Tie Guan Yin Souffle w/white peach gelato


The art of souffle is something to behold. When done right, it’s amazing, but done wrong and you’re gonna struggle to finish it without your stomach telling you to stop. This was a very good souffle. I mean, it’s hard to beat Gen Creative’s , but this came pretty close. The texture was very good, and the tea flavour coming through from the Tie Guan Yin tea was strong, but just right. It was light and airy, and definitely worth a try.

Opening Times: Every day 11:30 – 15:00 and 18:00 – 22:30

Tel: 02 2571 0389

4 responses to “Taipei Hotel – A CUT Steak”

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  2. Thanks for the great review of this place! Ive been wanting to check it out for a while now, but seen mixed reviews on google 🙂


    1. It’s my pleasure. It’s pricey, but it’s totally worth it IMO. Let me know what you think when you hit it up. Ash.


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