Snapshots of Paris

A market to walk around: Bastille Market


These crepes were crammed full of ingredients, and they were delicious, too!


I held back from buying cheese here because it was too hot to carry around and we were to be out all day. Shame, it all looked amazing. Camembert come to me!


What we were immediately struck by was the reasonable prices of the fruit and vegetables on offer. It undercuts the supermarkets in Taiwan, but not quite the markets. Reasonable for Paris, though!


Get one canale and a pack of the churros from this guy. Both are brilliant.


For Hot Chocolate: Cafe Verlet


Right near the Louvre, Cafe Verlet serves up an amazing hot chocolate you’ll want to get in on your travels. Thick, chocolatey, and 3 cups in one serving! Done.


For Coffee: Terres de Cafe


Yes, sit on the side of the road anywhere (like the pic below) and you’re all but guaranteed to get a good cup. But Terres de Cafe are serving up a coffee if sitting inside is your thing. And I drooled at this machine the whole time we spent here.



Beautiful buildings that nobody else was looking at, but I was. These kinds of buildings were everywhere, and whilst they seem the norm to Parisians, I thought they were charming.

Must-See: Notre Dame


Epic gothic architecture, next to the river. Not only is the building visually stunning, but the location adds to it, too. Tip: Head to Odette for a coffee and some mini choux pastry puffs after. Win!

Local eats: La Canonniere


We had lunch here with our fantastic French friend (and guide, thankfully!), and we were definitely happy with this. Down a back alley, La Canonniere serves up beautiful French food all day long.


They also take the win for some of the most delicious wines we had whilst in Paris. Why? I use this app called Vivino, which allows you to take a picture of the wine label, and then it tells you everything about the wine. However, the two bottles we had here (when in Paris, am I right?) weren’t on the app, as the restaurant instead chooses to specially source wines by smaller, local wineries. How dreamy does that sound? Get here, you won’t regret it.

Where to eat: French Korean fusion @ Pierre Sang


It wasn’t a typo, there really is such a thing as French Korean fusion, and it is alive and kicking at Pierre Sang in Oberkampf. Meals here are done by set. You can choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 courses.


The fish was unreal.


This beef with spicy Korean sauce was an instant hit.


This was good, too, a palate-cleansing dessert if ever there was one.

Must visit: The Louvre


No explanation needed as to why you have to visit the Louvre.

Tip: Buy tickets in advance, to avoid the longest queues. You do still have to queue, but a lot less.


New Desserts: Michalak


Christophe Michalak is a well-known and pastry chef making major waves in the Paris scene for his delicious desserts. This hazelnut cream-filled choux pastry was one of the best things I ate in Paris. No word of a lie. Seriously good.

Top Dinner Date: Le Grand Bain


Must order the Pork Wellington (beef had sold out, and we weren’t complaining!).

Parisian Comfort Food: Le Petit Pontoise


Want some no-frills duck with mashed potato topped with Foie Gras? Beef Bourginon? You’re in for a treat here. Big portions, delicious flavours, beautiful dishes.

Must do: Walk along the Seine at night


We walked from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower at midnight. Beautiful.

If this hasn’t made you want to go to Paris, I don’t know what will.

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  1. […] can safely say that the best duck leg (confit) I have had in my life was from Le Petit Pontoise in the Latin quarter in Paris… I won’t confess to be a duck leg connoiseur, but I do […]


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