Taipei restaurant – Steak Inn

Updated, September 2022

Opening hours and menu updated


One of the hottest places in Taipei among the Taiwanese for a business lunch – Steak Inn. Why? Because it’s extremely reasonably priced, and delicious – what more do you want?


Cue mouth watering ^


It’s so old school, like painfully so, almost.



The menu is extensive, but we came for the business lunch. The selection of that is not so extensive. You can find the link, here: Steak Inn Business Lunch Menu.


沙拉 shā lā


A nice enough start. I do enjoy a good salad starter.

Hand-made European style warm bread

手工歐式麵包 shǒu gōng ōu shì miàn bāo


Could’ve been crunchy, but the bread was tasty enough.

French Pumpkin Soup

法式堅果南瓜湯 fǎ shìjiān guǒnán guātāng


Creamy, tasty, rich. Yeh, it ticked all the boxes.

Onion Soup

牛排館起司洋蔥湯 niú pái guǎn qǐ sī yáng cōng tāng


Under this slab of grilled cheese was a tasty onion soup. However, this cheese was just a bit too chewy and  bit too much for me.

(6oz.) Roasted CAB Sirloin Steak

爐烤美國沙朗牛排 lú kǎo měiguó shā lǎng niúpái

(Sep, 2022 updated: the business lunch main is replaced by Steak Inn Signature steak (6oz) for $680)


Where the chips at?


When paying $588 for a steak set lunch, you can’t really complain when this comes out infront of you. It’s small, yes, but it’s actually plentiful.


I called for mine to be medium 5分熟 as that was what was recommended. It came out perfect, really. The flavour was top, the seasoning was great, the steak was really very good.


Chocolate Lava Cake with ice-cream

岩漿巧克力布朗尼佐香草冰淇淋 Yán jiāng qiǎo kè lì bù lǎng ní zuǒ xiāng cǎo bīng qí lín

+ $150


We couldn’t leave without sharing a lava cake between us.


IT was rich and tasty, oozing in the middle


Yeh, i’d order it again.

Opening Times: 

Monday – Sunday  11:30 – 15:00 and again at 17:30 – 22:00

Tel: 02 2775 3011

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