Taipei cafe – 幻猻家珈琲 Pallas Cafe


Right in the heart of DiHua street, Pallas Cafe is all about its afternoon tea. I am a big fan of this area, and will often come on the weekends. Here are some of my favourite spots for a bite to eat:

  1. Squid Balls
  2. Rice Noodles
  3. Summer Tree Iced Desserts


The smell of coffee when you open the door is intoxicating. For the aficionados among you, you’ll be happy, for sure.


^^Too true.

I went for a cup of the hand poured Brazilian coffee, which came with a couple of nuts (no idea why, really. Do nuts go with coffee?)


I also couldn’t help but order a slice of pound cake, too. Light, fluffy and also fairly light in flavour. It was tasty enough for an afternoon tea where I came for the coffee and the creme caramel, though…

We also ordered an interesting HoJiCha latte. The foam is a little unsettling at first, as it’s kind of borderline brown/green. But, it tastes pretty good. I am a fan of HoJiCha, anyway, so I already knew the kind of flavour that was going to come through. It’s an earthy bitterness that is delicious. But, I am not much a fan of latte, so it didn’t particularly suit me.



This is what we really came for, though. A delicious Creme Caramel.


For me, Creme Caramel should have a bitter sauce and a strong vanilla flavour with a silky texture similar to panna cotta. This did, but it just lacked that extra something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it was the 30 minute wait for it after we had ordered it that overshadowed my impression of what it was going to be.

My overall opinion

If you’re in the area looking for a nice cup of coffee and a tasty creme caramel, then stop by. But, if you’re on the hunt for an excellent Creme Caramel, then let me know where you found.

Opening Times: Wednesday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Tel: 02 2555 6680

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