Taipei street food – Taiwanese snacks near Dadaocheng

The ultimate insider scoop here at a plethora of Taiwanese snacks/desserts. You won’t find this place listed on Google Maps, I’ll tell you that!


A truck at the side of the road parks up, laden with trays of these snacks. The texture is somewhat like a solidified jelly for the yellow ones, with very little flavour. However, doused with that little bag of black sugar syrup, it compliments a nice cup of tea! The stripy looking one is a black sugar ‘cake’ which has the consistency of a soft nougat.


Above we have a crate of savoury snacks, which would be my pick of the bunch. The ones in the foreground are a steamed taro ‘cake’ which has a really unique texture being very chewy and full of fried shallots. The flavour is great, and goes down a right treat! At the back are little turtle shaped Mochi ‘cakes’ which could also be quite good, but we didn’t try those…


The smell bursting from this every time he sliced off a slab was beautiful. It looks like a radish cake that you’d have for breakfast. Filled with fried shallots, the smell was glorious!


However, I think the most popular thing here is the Mochi. Which you can get with peanut, or sesame. It both comes coated in what you’d like, and filled with what you’d like, too. The mochi is nicely balanced between soft and chewy, and both the peanut and the sesame powder taste fresh. At $10/Mochi, they’re a steal, too.


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