Taipei dessert – Cheesecake 1, Taipei

It was recently my wife’s birthday, and I wanted to get her a bit of something different. After I looked around on the net for a little while, I decided on this Cheesecake. Why? Because the cheesecake needs 52 hrs to be made from start to finish, there’s a 70% overall cheese content in the cake itself, and plenty of delicious blueberries on top. Anything that takes that long and that much effort has got to be good!


Because it was a special occasion, I also ordered the cake slice and the candle, as well as the plasticy thing saying “Happy Birthday”.


The cake arrived in a pristine box with plates and good plastic sporks on the inside underneath the cake itself.


The blueberries were big, juicy, and tasty.


The base was crispy with plenty of texture (quite easy to get wrong on a cheesecake).


The cheesecake itself was packed with flavour, and a stronger-than-average cheese taste. The texture was creamy and thick, and spot-on.


I would highly recommend this cheesecake for ordering. I ordered online from the TaoYuan kitchen, but you can also walk in and order from the ShinKong Mitsukoshi XinYi A4 branch, too.

Opening Times: Sunday – Thursday 10:00 – 21:30, Friday & Saturday 10:00 – 22:00

Tel: 02 2723 7771


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