Taipei market – 魚バカ壽司 DongMen Market Sushi

Updated, September 2022

Opening hours and location updated


The lights at the end of the tunnel – It’s sushi time all!


It’s pretty eerie around DongMen market in the evening, just coming from round the bustling corner at YongKang Street.


I saw this place on TVBS a little while ago, and it looked great. I managed to get caught up with Addiction Aquatic Development, Little Six, and a whole host of other sushi places. But thought it was about time to check this place out.


It’s like a mini slice of Japan right here. Quiet, interesting, but lots of Chinese. I will try and throw out some things you should definitely try.


We managed to get a place at the ‘bar’, and settled in.


That fish got me drooooooolin


Actually the green tea is delicious, very rich and deep in flavour. Nicely refreshing.


We had a couple of fill ups.


The sushi chef was focused, I always enjoy watching the assembly of sushi dishes.


Some clean looking fish going in that bowl right there. It looks like he’s preparing some red snapper (I may well be wrong, corrections welcome), and it looks good.


Followed by some tuna – drool continues…

Sashimi Bowl

生魚海鮮丼 shēng yú hǎi xiān dòn



Look at that presentation – simple, fresh, clean, can’t wait!

Tuna and red snapper await…


All of the cuts of fish tasted fresh, creamy, rich, and flavourful. The wasabi was tasty and refreshing and the ginger was nice, too. Everything worked. And, actually, the rice was really very good. Often the rice can be an after thought – not here.

Eel rice bowl

星鰻丼 xīng mán dòn



The eel was pretty good, with a slightly sweet flavour coming through. Charred with a blow torch just before serving, there is an underlying smokiness within the fish. There’s plenty of eel in the dish, that’s for sure, and it will be ordered next time.


Soup accompanies the bowl. The miso was pretty good – characteristically salty, yet rich in flavour, with plenty of seaweed and onion. Tasty.

I have already made plans to go back. However, the owner (老闆) is pretty grumpy, and treated his wife (presumably) pretty shitty, giving her some pretty nasty attitude when she had misplaced the price of the Uni for which a customer was asking. In her defence, I am sure she was caught off guard, as it’s not particularly normal for a customer to be asking the price of a box of Uni. But yeh, that left a bitter taste, witnessing and hearing that. Can’t fault the sushi, mind you…

Opening Times

Monday  Closed

Wednesday – Saturday  11:00 – 14:00/ 17:30-22:00

Sunday 10:30-14:30


0923 900 989


No. 2, Alley 4, Lane 110, Section 1, Jinshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

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