Taipei cafe – Green Hornet Cafe


Tucked away down at the end of the Green Line, the Green Hornet Cafe is a friendly western bar come restaurant. Expect a warm welcome, hearty food, and an extensive alcohol collection!


Modest inside, and comfortable enough to make it feel welcoming.


Yep, not bad ^^^^


They have Orion on draft, a pretty good beer from Japan.

The menu is vast, I won’t lie. Expect Tex-Mex food with sizeable portion sizes.


Couldn’t resist but to order a few things đŸ˜€

Hornet Clubhouse



Chicken with bacon, lettuce, sriracha, all toasted in a sandwich with some melted cheese? Yes, please! The homemade salsa was good, too. Solid sandwich.

Blue Cheese Burger 



We added a bit of bacon to it, because…why not?


There’s plenty to get your chops around with this burger. The blue cheese is in ample amounts, too.


The burger itself was a little dry, truth be told. But I’d be willing to order again because it tasted fine enough to me! The fried onions add a sweet charred flavour to the burger, and the blue cheese compliments the beef – win.

Mac and Cheese (bacon)



I am not a mac and cheese connoisseur (believe it or not, this doesn’t exist in England – shock, horror!) so don’t really know what to look for. It was slightly dry inside, should it be runny cheese? The macaroni was cooked nicely enough, and flavour wise it was just fine. I wouldn’t rush back to order it, though.

Hot Wings (6)



Tasty wings with plenty of spice. They paired well with the garlic mayo dip, and I’d definitely order again.

Beef Chilli 



My mum would often make a big pot of chilli during the week, so this definitely brought back some memories for me. On a personal note, I like my chilli to be spicy, rich, and full of kidney beans. This didn’t quite tick all of those boxes for me, but it was a good effort. I’d choose the burger or the clubhouse over this.

Bottom line?

It’s probably quite easy to overlook the Green Hornet Cafe for the main reason that it is at the end of the green line on the MRT, making it feel like it is really far out. But, in reality, it is less than 10 mins travelling time from GongGuan to XinDian on the MRT, and a further 5min walk (max) from the station itself.

The Green Hornet has been around for over 7 years now, and consistently serve up bar-style food to happy customers, in a friendly and quiet setting away from the city. Definitely worth checking out!

Opening Times: Wednesday – Friday 17:30 – 00:00

Tuesday – Off

Saturday and Sunday 17:30 – 01:00

Tel: 02 2911 1237


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