Kaohsiung City – 博義師燒肉飯


This is a chain BBQ place, so not all shop fronts will look alike (probably just as well, it isn’t much of a looker, is it?).


The menu is quite exciting because it’s all pretty cheap. Where you see 便當 this means lunch box – biàndāng. Where you see 湯, this means soup – tāng. And, where you see 粥, this means congee – zhōu.


I’ll be honest, it’s all looking fairly greasy at this point…

Don’t know what it is, but I want one!


Very hot, it says. This is a spicy daikon radish relish kind of thing. Best bet? Get some!


I saw them sorting out their pickled greens. It’s looking pretty good, I think.


If you can’t read the whole menu – no problem, here are a few pictures. Match the characters to the menu and give it a tick.


How good does this pork knuckle look? For me, very. For the uninitiated? Maybe not so great.


This was our order.

Mixed meat and rice 綜合飯 – zòng hé fàn

BBQ pork with rice 燒肉飯 – shāo ròu fàn (I hadn’t written it by the time I took the pic, but I ordered a small one)

Mixed soup 綜合湯 – zòng hé tāng

Cooked vegetables (this time it was sweet potato leaves) 現燙青菜 – xiàn tàng qīng cài

Bamboo shoots 特製筍子 – tè zhì sǔn zi

Tofu (the oily kind, usually stewed slowly) 油豆腐 – yóu dòu fu


The greens tasted healthy, the spicy daikon radish was salty and spicy, the tofu was delicious, the bamboo was great, too. The 3 important dishes were all OK. But, honestly, not that great.

The 燒肉飯 was OK, only. I expected juicier meat, but got left with 3 dry slices of pork. Meh, not that great at all. The mixed bowl of meat was marginally better, giving some stewed fatty pork, too. However, both bowls suffered from soggy rice – nobody likes soggy rice!

The bowl of soup was OK, tasting relatively healthy, and having nice chunks of fish inside, accompanied by ginger.

Bottom line – if you’re hungry and not much else is open, then give it a shot. Maybe a different branch is better (but also, it could be worse). However, don’t go out of your way for this.

Opening Times:

Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 21:00


07 558 5881


No. 75, ZiYou 2nd road, ZuoYing District, Kaohsiung City


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