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Eatsmart’s Mission Statement

“At Eatsmart, we’re all about helping busy people eat well. Your life requires the best ‘you’ at each moment of the day. In order to fulfill this right to life, we created Eatsmart lunchboxes. So now, you can be filled with the nutritious fuel to please your health, tastebuds, and desired lifestyle”.

Eatsmart is a take-out delivery service, with a difference. They don’t just serve up food in a box and deliver it to you. They take time selecting healthy ingredients. They take time to do nutritional information per box. They do tailored programs on request. They offer 3 selections pertaining to your specific dietary requirements.

Upon arriving in Taiwan from France, the guys over at Eatsmart noticed specifically that the average Taiwanese diet can often be too oily and not altogether very nutritious. The result? Eatsmart – a nutritious delivery service, appeasing the ‘convenient’ lifestyle that everyone in Taiwan so desires.


We could all do with a little ‘Well-Being’ from time to time, let’s face it.

Programme Breakdowns:

Slim Programme

Clearly aimed at slimming down a little, the protein is fairly high, the carbs are fairly low, and the fats are low, too. At 400Kcal/portion, it’s not weighing in at much, but it does still pack a punch on the tastebuds.


Above is a selection of both the ‘slim’ meal selection on the left, and the ‘lift’ meal on the right. It’s fairly clear based on the picture on how the two differ: one is packed full of veggies with some lean meat, and the other is packed with carbs, and proteins. They both tasted great, really full of flavour and freshness.

Well being


Another one of their meals was the chicken salad, and the chicken burger. Served on a bed of salad with plenty of freshness, enough chicken to feel satiated, and a nice sauce, the salad was a win. Similarly, the chicken burger was delicious, too. On a wholewheat bun, the lean chicken was flavourful and very filling.

Lift Programme

Above are the options available to those who are (like me, for sure!) prone to snacking throughout the day… The salad pot comes with a nice yoghurt dip, and the chicken was spiced nicely, with a filling egg. Both pots fill that afternoon snacking void very well.


Some pictures from the menu:


How to order:

Let’s say you want the Well Being meal. All you need to do is hit the Order button:

ordering 1

From there, you’ll get put through to the menu. You can choose next weeks menu, and the week after. Ideal. Scroll through, and see what you fancy within that meal selection. Then, just hit the ‘+’ at the side, and it will add it on to your basket.

Ordering 2

When you’ve stocked up on all you want, choose your delivery date.


A new thing that they’ve added to the site for convenience sake is the ability to group deliveries:

grouping deliveries

So, you can get Monday and Tuesdays orders on the same day, for example.

Delivery fees.PNG

Delivery fees aren’t hugely cheap, unless you live in the ZhongShan area (the kitchen is in that area, so naturally it is more convenient for them). However, you have to see that they cook throughout the day, pack it up at its peak freshness, then ship it to you as quick as possible. In addition, if a group of you get it delivered to the same address, then there is a saving on delivery costs – win.

Eat Smart use LaLaMove as their delivery service. This is good for the fact that you can follow your delivery live via your phone. They send you a message when it’s on its way, and you can watch your meal arrive to your place. Ideal for those who may be preoccupied with other things, but can watch and be there when it arrives.

eat smart pricing

An example of 1 persons weekly checkout, for the ‘well-being’ programme inc delivery ^ (DaAn district used as an example for the delivery zone).

Basically, the guys over at Eat Smart are providing an amazing service. They are cooking up fresh food, daily, and delivering it to your door. They are working hard to tailor programmes to a host of dietary needs/requirements, they’re very responsive to questions about the service, and the website is user friendly and clean.

Website Link


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