Taipei restaurant – *1 Michelin Starred* MUME

Taipei restaurant –  *1 Michelin Starred* MUME

Surely MUME has to be in with a shout of something special when Taipei Michelin Guide gets published in 2018?

We went to MUME a couple of years back and had an amazing meal. In fact, we have talked about it fairly regularly since, and I have recommended many people to go and eat there based on our great experience. We needed to get back, to see if/how it had changed.


I purposefully took no photos of the inside, nor the outside. You have to go in and feel this restaurant for yourself. I like the intimate feel that the restaurant allows you. The lighting is perfect for dates, meetings, photos, friends, basically anything you could want.


A lot like RAW, the tables at MUME have cutlery inside for you to use at your will. But, the atmosphere here feels a lot more relaxed than RAW, in that the idea is you order a bunch of small plates and enjoy sharing them with whoever you have brought to eat with you.

Seasonal Tartlets



Today, the tartlets were eel (to the front left), and pea with ricotta (back right). They were delightful, if not lacking bulk. They are visually beautiful, and the pastry is perfectly thin and crispy.

Liver Brûlée

$350 (+$90 for the grilled toast to accompany it)


Another beautifully presented dish.


The place we usually see brûlée written is a creme brûlée, a beautiful French dessert. However, here the brûlée element to the dish is the parfait underneath, topped with the sugar coating and blow-torched to create a crispiness on top. A great addition to the texture of the dish, and perfect smothered on top of the toast.

The parfait itself was very good, and if it’s on the menu next time I go, it will be right there at the top of my list of things to order.

Wagyu Tartare



Last time we came here, I remember this as a stand out dish with flavour and presentation. I remember that there were flowers included in the presentation, and that it was fragrant and clean.

The tartare was very good, with nice flavours throughout. The egg combines the dish nicely and make it all sticky, the lotus root crisps on top add a great texture and depth to the dish, and the herbs give nice freshness and cleanness.

Crispy Amadai



Visually awesome, just check out that fish skin, wow!


As the delicately infused broth comes in, the oil in the bottom of the dish separates out and flecks of green appear all over the place.


This dish was stunning. The fish was meaty, yet delicate. The sauce was clean, yet had depth of flavour. Brilliant. Turning a Brit from deep fried fish and chip man.




Blushing beef meets seasoned hen-of-the-wood mushrooms, greens, king oyster mushrooms, and bitter coffee powder. The beef was seasoned perfectly, it worked well with the coffee. There are lots of interesting textures throughout the dish, and the flavours are all on-point. Same again, please!

Taiwanese Chocolate



Hints of chocolate, coffee, and walnut swirled with intermittent sweetness of longan. Plenty of textures involved here, that’s for sure. It was good, but maybe next time I’d try one of the others. My weakness is chocolate, though.

Opening Times

Monday – Sunday 18:00 – 23:00


 02 2700 0901


No. 28, Siwei Road, DaAn District, Taipei City


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