Taipei restaurant – Safranbolu 番紅花城土耳其餐廳


Turkish food, in fact Middle Eastern food in general, is very popular throughout Europe. This is actually the first time I have eaten at a Turkish restaurant in Taipei, having had the pleasure of doing so several times throughout both Germany and England.


You can take out, but on the right hand side of the take out counter, you can go up the stairs and also be seated on the 2nd floor to eat in.


The atmosphere is pleasant, open, and comfortably welcoming.

The menu is vast, covering pretty much anything Turkish you could have a hankering for.




Humus on everything, that’s the world I would like to live in. I can’t get enough of this stuff. Mashed chick peas with lemon, garlic, and oil. Delicious. This one had clearly been in the fridge for a little while – as is evident on the outer most bits of the humus starting to dry up and go slightly harder. But, the flavours are good, and I scoffed the lot (little sharing was had here, sorry).

Safranbolu Ezme



Ezme is a Turkish tomato and pepper salsa/sauce. Usually served with some pita, or just slathered on kebabs. This was nice and refreshing. I would’ve liked more spice, but I guess it does say ‘sweet chilli’ on the menu.

Kymale Pide



It looks pretty good on the plate, but actually it didn’t have as much flavour as I had hoped it would, and the meat was a bit greasy. It didn’t stop me from scoffing the lot, and using the crusts to mop up the Ezme and the Humus.


Lamb Shish



Pricey on the menu, and when it arrives you start to get an idea of why. The dish is big! There’s about 7-8 big cubes of lamb hidden in there which are succulent and delicious, there’s a healthy dollop of humus, there’s some delicious rice, and two portions of pita to help you mop up that humus. Whilst the dish doesn’t quite warrant the price tag, for my personal opinion, I did think it was delicious and would probably order it again.

Rice Pudding (vanilla)



Worth every penny, and if I knew how delicious it would be, then I would’ve ordered two. I think I’ll be coming back here soon just for one of these and a coffee, as an afternoon tea. Expect something like a creme brullee meets panna cotta, crossed with rice pudding. Silky smooth texture, plenty of milky flavour inside. Great way to end.

Opening Times:

Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 22:00


02 2522 2939


No. 60, NanJing East Road, Section 2, ZhongShan District, Taipei City

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