November Edition – Eating with the seasons

Taiwan’s fruit is genuinely something to behold, nicknamed “The Kingdom of fruit” by some, and you can certainly see how and why.

However, let’s face it, almost all of us will buy out of season fruits or vegetables at some point. But sometimes, it is difficult to know which is in season at any given time. I am a firm believer of eating with the seasons, but often I fall short of upholding my own beliefs in this regard, and I applaud all of you who manage to do it.

I hope my list encourages you to order with the season, the fruits and vegetables will taste the better for it, that’s for sure! Eating with the seasons is important, so let’s do it.

Pineapple Custard Apple 鳳梨釋迦 Fèng lí shì jiā

Dragon Fruit 火龍果 huǒ lóng guǒ


(One of my favourites, I would recommend topping and tailing the fruit when it’s nice and ripe (slightly soft, but not too soft). Then, peel back the skin and you should be able to take it off in one peel. This leaves an oval shaped fruit inside. Chop to your desired size).

Star Fruit 楊桃 yáng táo

Loquat 枇杷 pí pá

Persimmon/Sharon fruit 柿子 shì zi


Orange 橘子 jú zi

Tangerine 柳丁 liǔ dīng

 Papaya 木瓜 mù guā


(Use a speed peeler to take all of the skin off the papaya first, then cut lengthwise down the papaya and scoop out the seeds. Chop into desired size)

Pomelo 大白柚 dà bái yòu


Always in season: Musk Melon 美濃瓜、Banana 香蕉、Guava 芭樂

Water Spinach 空心菜 kōng xīn cài


Broccoli 花椰菜 huā yē cài

Edamame Beans 毛豆 máo dòu

Bitter Melon/Gourd 苦瓜 kǔ guā


Coffee Beans 咖啡 kā fēi dòu

Roselle 洛神花 luò shén huā

Always in season: Mushrooms 香菇、Purple Sweet Potato 紫心甘薯、Mustard Greens 芥菜、Black tree fungus 黑木耳、King Oyster Mushroom 杏鮑菇、Loofah 絲瓜、Corn 玉米、Leeks 韭菜、Green Onions/Scallions蔥、Chillis辣椒

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