October Edition – What fruit and veg are hot this month?

In Season Fruit

My last post got a lot of reaction, so here is part 2. This time, let’s take a look what we can be eating more of in October.

Passion Fruit

百香果 (bǎi xiāng guǒ)


葡萄 (pú táo)

Dragon Fruit

火龍果 (huǒ lóng guǒ)


Sugar Cane

甘蔗 (gān zhè)


文旦柚 (wén dàn yòu)


(I recently saw a Taiwanese woman prepare this in a way I hadn’t seen before. She topped and tailed the pomelo so either end had the flesh just showing. She then slice the Pomelo in half horizontally revealing two discs of pomelo. Then, she cut the disc in half down the segments to reveal two semi-circles, and fanned out the segments. It was quite a neat trick, and something I will be trying this time!)

Custard Apple

釋迦 (shì jiā)


(Break the fruit apart with your hands and get in there. Don’t eat the seeds)

酪梨 (luò lí)


(I like avocado, but I don’t fully understand the craze that seems to be sweeping the planet concerning this)

木瓜 (mù guā)


(I recommend: Use a speed peeler to take all of the skin off the papaya first, then cut lengthwise down the papaya and scoop out the seeds. Chop into desired size)

柿子 (shì zi)


Always in season: Musk Melon 美濃瓜、Banana 香蕉、Guava 芭樂

In Season Vegetables

Water Spinach

空心菜 (kōng xīn cài)


(I recommend: Cut off the end that has a little bit of root on it, wash thoroughly, cut (if you want you can leave it whole) in half horizontally, blanch for a minute in some boiling water with salt. Then stir-fry with lots of garlic)

綠竹筍 (Lǜ zhúsǔn)


薑 (jiāng)

Golden Jujube (Fresh Date)

金棗 (jīn zǎo)

Bitter Melon

苦瓜 (kǔ guā)


(I recommend: cut down the length of the melon, then scoop out any of the white pith, in addition to the seeds. Wash the bitter melon and pat it dry. Fry it up with a salted egg – delicious)

花椰菜 (huā yē cài)


毛豆 (máo dòu)


青椒 (qīng jiāo)


高麗菜 (gāo lì cài)

Chinese Yam

山藥 (shān yào)


(I recommend: You give me some ideas, please. I have never cooked with this!)


栗子 (lì zi)

Water Chestnut

菱角 (líng jiǎo)

Always in season: Mushrooms 香菇、Purple Sweet Potato 紫心甘薯、Mustard Greens 芥菜、Black tree fungus 黑木耳、King Oyster Mushroom 杏鮑菇、Loofah 絲瓜、Corn 玉米、Leeks 韭菜、Green Onions/Scallions蔥、Chillis辣椒

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