Taipei cafe – Goodman’s Roaster

Updated, September 2022

Prices updated


TianMu has quite a lot to offer. When I visited Eddy’s Cantina a little while back, I found myself looking for a coffee to wash down my recently annihilated tacos.


Queue – Goodman Roaster.


It’s a little walk up a bit of a hill toward the north side of TainMu. But worth coming to check out.


Inside is clean and well presented. There’s pre-roasted and post-roasted coffee to take a look at and smell (although depending on when it was roasted, the Oxygen will have gotten to it by now and the smell might not be strictly ‘true’ of the coffee).


There’s plenty of coffee beans/ground beans sold by the bag here, too. It’s a good shout if you’re in the area.


I wouldn’t say that I am coffee fanatic, per se, but I do enjoy looking at these instruments. At home, I have a stove top espresso maker, percolator, aeropress, french press and a coffee dripper… Yeh not a fanatic. But, in seriousness, each different method demands a different flavour profile from the beans.






(※ Sep, 2022 updated: the price is raised, check current menu on google map)

Let’s face it – the AliShan coffee strikes me as the ‘must drink’ cup here, however, at $300 a cup I just cannot warrant that. I can almost buy a full bag of coffee beans for that!!


I originally wanted the Honduran one, but it was sold out. Then I went for the Columbian – sold out. Erm, put a sign on to say it’s sold out, or just remove it, right? So, the Rwandan it was. Destiny, if you will.




Rwanda, Microlot Gihombo.

After a little more research, it seems that this coffee is from the Nyamasheke District, just West of Rwanda Central, itself. Just on the edge of a National Forest Park and also a fairly sizeable lake, this coffee has quite a unique setting, giving it rather a unique flavour.

Picked at an altitude of between 1600-1800m, the bean is washed and lightly roasted before brewing. I am a fan of the light-medium roasting of coffee beans, allowing the natural flavours to remain and not be overpowered by over-roasting. There’s a cherry-like sourness with this coffee with a nice smooth chocolatey finish. I liked it, a lot.

The bottom line?

It’s a great shout for a good cup of coffee. However, I won’t be buying my beans from here. Some other picks of coffee shops, for my liking:

Coffice – YongHe. Good for: A wide variety of light-medium roasted coffee beans. Good English and excellent knowledge of coffee. All roasted on site. They also serve coffee by the cup.

Kuroshio – YongKang Street. Good for: coffee and a cake. The coffee is decent, and their cakes are great, too!

藏田咖啡豆专卖 – YongKang Street. Good for: a wide selection of medium roast beans from all over the world.

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