Prague, Czech Republic – Cafe Ebel

Updated, September 2022

Location updated
Value for money: 10/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Service: 10/10
Quality of food: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Prague, one of those magical cities where gothic buildings meet winding cobbled streets, littered with cafe’s, creative shops and restaurants. Really, if you haven’t been, you are very much missing out.
In this post, I am going to introduce Cafe Ebel, but I will also throw in some pictures of Prague – because I really enjoyed our trip there and want to share with you.


It’s not pretending to be something it isn’t. This cafe sits modestly on a back street within 5 mins walk from the famous clock tower. There’s no particular reason to be walking on this specific street, as I can see, but exploring and wandering brought us here. (also, I had spotted them on Instagram, and with the site of their hand made chocolates and their delicious looking coffee, the -5° warranted a visit)




Just as the outside is, the inside is modest, too.


That’s me, folks! ^


They have a wonderful array of their own cups that they sell…


…and chocolate, too. However, be warned, the chocolate labelled ‘cacao a boire’ is not the same chocolate they use in their own hot chocolate here. We fell for that, when we bought it. It’s great for baking, though!



All home made.


Again, all home made! Check out those truffles, and that meringue topped cake!


It may not be the most exciting collection of coffee you’ve ever seen. But I enjoy the idea of having a choice. They speak good English here, and can explain the flavour profiles of the coffee well.


I really think this is a great diagram of the different varieties of coffee make up.


This too.


What we ordered


We went for a hot chocolate, espresso and a selection of chocolates of which I just pointed to the ones I liked the look of most.


Deep and rich flavours in the espresso. This was slightly sour with caramel notes coming through. I enjoyed it a lot.


However, this hot chocolate was to-die-for. Thick, gloopy, rich, bitter, sweet, heavy. Just everything you want from a hot chocolate.

However, if coffee or hot chocolate are not particularly your things (quite frankly – what’s wrong with you?!), then the sights should be enough to lure you in, alone:

Unfortunately, pictures struggle to do it justice. But, you get the idea – beautiful city.

I believe that this market is fairly regular. There are definitely some different things to be found here (none of which we actually bought, mind you).

Make sure you eat at least 1 or two of these (a day). It’s a sweet, cream filled pastry cone topped with the flavour of your choosing. Win!

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