Taipei restaurant – Gen Creative (revisited)

Taipei restaurant – Gen Creative (revisited)
Value for money: 10/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Service: 10/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

The last time I visited Gen Creative, they were still called ‘Roots Creative’ and their menu was different to this time. They change the menu seasonally, so it’s fresh and exciting each time you go. Check here for my review of my previous visit.


A nice salty starter to kick things off. Salty cracker with olive tapanade and tomato. I prefer the one from last time, though (tuna). If you choose to sit at the bar then this is what you get. If not, then I am not quite sure. But, if there’s two of you, I would recommend sitting at the bar regardless. You can watch the kitchen staff and see the skill that goes into cooking. They’ll often chat with you and get your opinion on the dishes, too.

Olives – Chilies, Balsamic Vinegar

橄欖 – 辣椒,香醋

Gǎnlǎn – làjiāo, xiāng cù



I am not neccesarily arguing with either the quality of the olives or the quality of the balsamic vinegar here. However, I am more arguing with the fact that: 1. Give me some bread and some nice oil to accompany these, 2. Olives should never be served hot. Room temperature is fine, cold is also fine. But hot to the point of steamy? Not fine. So not fine.

Tangerine – Burrata, brioche, young ginger

橘子 – 乳酪,奶油脆餅,椒薑醋汁

Júzi – rǔlào, nǎiyóu cuì bǐng, jiāo jiāng cù zhī



This dish sounded interesting, especially with the Burrata that we loved so much from the previous visit, featuring too.


It was a fresh salad with some good, clean flavours. The ginger jam/sauce/smear on the plate was sticky and tangy with a good level of ginger heat to it. The cake-like thing you can see on the left side of the plate is like a souffle in texture, combining well with the crunchy brioche crisps and soft Burrata. The Burrata this time wasn’t as good as the previous visit, perhaps due to the texture (wasn’t as creamy, nor runny inside). The dish worked nicely, but I wouldn’t rush back to order it again.

Pancake – Farm egg, furikake, sweet chili 

韓式煎餅 – 放山雞蛋,海苔,甜辣醬

Hánshì jiānbing – fàng shān jīdàn, hǎitái, tián làjiàng



Top marks for presentation.


Gotta love a yolk-break.


Bursting with spinach, this scallion pancake with egg and seaweed flakes (Furikake) on top was thick, chewy and delicious when eaten with the sweet chili sauce. The pancake was very much like what we have back in the UK and call oatcakes or pyclets. It’s a filler, so it’s definitely a sharer, for my liking.

*Dish of the meal*

Octopus – young garlic, fermented black bean

東海大章 – 蒜苗,山蘇,黑豆豉

Dōnghǎi dà zhāng – suànmiáo, shān sū, hēi dòuchǐ



Crunchy suckers, tender and delicious meat, salty fermented black beans, garlic cutting through with the fresh taste of the greens (called asplenium, according to a quick internet search based on the Chinese) combining in delectable harmony – you must try this.


Enjoy this picture

Pork loin – stuffed cabbage, apple, pork rind

屏東朝貢豬 – 高麗菜捲,蘋果,豬皮脆片

Píng dōng cháogòng zhū – gāolí cài juǎn, píngguǒ, zhū pí cuì piàn



Solid dish. The pork is so tender and luxurious.


The stuffed cabbage you can just about see in the middle of the dish (the thing that looks like a slice of cake/pie) was stuffed with meat and veggies. It was good, combine with the fresh apple slice and crunchy pork skin that we ate similarly last time as a starter last time we were here.

Ice cream palate cleanser


Mango, lemon, dragon fruit and apple were the flavours of the ice. Clean and strong flavours, before the exciting dessert next.

Irish Coffee – Vanilla souffle, coffee, Kavalan

愛爾蘭咖啡 – 香草舒芙蕾,咖啡,噶瑪蘭威士忌

Ài’ěrlán kāfēi – xiāngcǎo shūfúlěi, kāfēi, gá mǎ lán wēishìjì



Winner! Great way to end a delicious meal. The souffle is so light and creamy. Open up the middle of the souffle and pour in the coffee liquor (see it hiding at the back of the pic), spoon out the deliciousness from inside and clean your mouth with a healthy helping of the coffee ice cream (strong coffee flavour – great!).

Comparing this time to the last time we went, it is fairly similar in quality and presentation. The octopus we had this time was superb and probably the best dish of both times we visited. However, the shrimp toast is a close second, for my liking.

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