Taipei restaurant – Tiger Noodles 老虎麵

This is an update of a previous post


The cold dip in the weather a few weeks back prompted me to revisit this place for a hot bowl of spicy soup.

However, this time we went for the stinky tofu bowl – 豬肉臭豆腐公仔麵 – which had some pigs blood in it, too. Do you like pigs blood? It’s a strange jelly-like texture, I’ll give you that. But, I have grown to like it more and more.

The addition of the scallion pancakes 蔥油餅 was something different. Choose to dip them right in there and eat them like you would bread in soup, or leave them in there for a while to let them go all soggy and then chow down. The latter of the two options is the less clean option, but really, whatever. It’s all good!

Give this place a shot if you want some spicy soup and delicious noodles. The meat is plentiful and it’s always busy, has to be a good sign?


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