Taipei restaurant – Taiwan Bistro

Updated September, 2022

Prices updated
Value for money: 7/10
Cleanliness: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

If you’re hungry after going up Elephant mountain and don’t just want to dive into the nearest 7-11 you find, you’ll probably stumble across this first, anyway. It’s worth a try.
Unfortunately it was raining a lot when we visited, so pictures of the outside are out, sorry.
There’s plenty of space inside.
We sat at the bar.
I like to take a look at what you can order, first. It’s all clean and all looks (and smells) delicious.
Chef combination for 2 people
滷味拼盤 – 兩人份
Lǔwèi pīnpán – liǎng rén fèn
We shared this between 3, accompanied by a few other dishes, too. It was plenty, to be fair. If you’re really hungry, then I would suggest share this between 2 and get a bowl of rice/noodles, too.
On the plate is an assortment of different types of tofu, salad leaves and some intestine, too. It’s pretty good, to be fair!
This is my pick of the bunch, though. The intestines have a chewy and soft texture with plenty of flavour. Paired with the slightly sweet, almost smoked spicy sauce it works nicely – especially washed down with a beer!

Cherry smoked duck
Yān xūn yīngtáo yā

I am always in search of smoked duck, of any kind. I really enjoy smoked meats. This duck was great. Shared between 3, the portion size is obviously too small. But, shared between 2 with the sharing plate as well, and you’ve got plenty of food.
The flavour of the duck was great, it tasted really fresh. I always enjoy some salad leaves accompanying it, too.
Bean sprout salad
Liángbàn dòuyá
It’s not bad, but I won’t rave about it, either. It’s a fresh bean sprout salad.
Sweet potato congee
Dìguā xīfàn
It took them around 30-40mins to get this to us, and it was more like soup than congee.
Too watery, not much flavour, no seasoning and barely any rice inside. I won’t be getting it again, that’s for sure.
Taiwan beer
Táiwān píjiǔ
Taiwan beer is alright, but next time I will spend only around $50 more and get a nicer beer. They serve a lot of the Taiwan Tea Ales here, so I will be going for them, next time.
Opening Times:
Monday – Sunday
17:30 – 01:30
02 2720 9820


No. 12, Alley 315, Lane 150, XinYi Road, Section 5, XinYi District, Taipei City

Happy Eating!

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