My most ‘Liked’ pictures of 2016

2016 was up and down for me, personally. However, my blog has gone from strength to strength, as has my ability to catch a good picture.

I still have a lot to learn, that I know. Here are just some of the shots that were both my most ‘liked’ on social media. And also some that I ‘like’, too.
Happy New Year!

1. Yu chocolatier
Mille Feuille – incredible
My most recent post on here was about Yu Chocolatier. Just off the RenAi circle in Taipei, sits this wonderful chocolatier.What to expect: Cleanliness, precision and care in everything done. Also expect good English and knowledge of the dishes, here.

What not to expect: Big, open spaces. There are only 4 tables inside. So, if it’s a special occasion then I would suggest booking ahead.

2. World Design Capital, 2016
Looks better than it tastes
Even though the food wasn’t great, it was fun to be a part of this event held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.
3. TaiQi Beef Noodles
Original flavour (left) and 紅燒 flavour on the right

Delicious beef noodles with some great beef to boot. Overall, definitely worth writing down for the new year.

What to expect: Salty beef with a delicious broth.

What not to expect: Cleanliness.

4. PingAn Matcha House
The matcha sharing plate
Hands down my best Matcha experience (so far) in Taipei. The closest rival is 108 Matcha Saro, but they offer up a different take on Matcha. If you go to PingAn, then make sure to get both the layer cake and also the roll – awesomeness.What to expect: Deliciously bitter matcha in a traditionally Japanese setting.

What not to expect: You can’t just order 1 thing here, as there is a minimum spend. So, don’t expect an inexpensive afternoon tea. 

5. Betty’s, Harrogate
(not Taipei, but I couldn’t resist…)
More tea, vicar?
Afternoon tea is a British institution and Betty’s do a superb one. They’re only in Yorkshire, though, and have only a handful of stores. The stores are around 4 hours drive from London and it is definitely worth spending a few days around the area as there is plenty to do!
What to expect: Quintessentially Englishness at every turn.
What not to expect: Burgers or Pizza.
6. RaoHe Nightmarket
Pork and pepper baked bun
RaoHe is increasingly popular, because of the delicious food. My top two picks are these pork and pepper baked buns and also the Chinese medicine soup. It’s definitely a place to visit in the colder winter days.
What to expect: To burn your mouth (they’re scaldingly hot, but smell so good. The temptation will be too great – I guarantee it).
What not to expect: To walk to the stand and get your food immediately. Lining up for 10+ minutes is a standard.
7. Roots Creative 
Shrimp Toast
A fairly recently established Taipei restaurant, with seasonal produce and fun takes on food. The menu is small, the portion sizes are good and the execution is wonderful – how can you not be happy with this?What to expect: Menu changes with the season, meaning spectacularly fresh food.

What not to expect: Greasy food or poor presentation.


2016 was a good year for food, let’s hope that 2017 is just as exciting. I will definitely be returning to some of these restaurants posted here to get some more of their delicious offerings!

Happy Eating!

(And Happy New Year!)

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