New Taipei City restaurant, YongHe – Red Bull Steak 紅牛原味炭烤牛排

Unfortunately, I am not awarding this restaurant a rating at all. Why? Read more…


That picture is enough to get you excited, right?


YongHe is literally brimming with people, and they love lining up for this steak. In a 5.7km squared district, there is a 244,000+ population – just give that a while to sink in.
These are the specialties – Chuck steaks of varying sizes.
They also have plenty more on their menu, though.
With each steak you get a soup and a cola, if you order bigger steaks then you are permitted 2 of each of the above, too.

21oz (595g) 炭火肩胛牛排

tàn huǒ jiān jiǎ niú pái
Chuck shoulder steak

I asked for mine medium rare. It arrived with plenty of garlic slices, 2 cucumber slices and 2 mini carrots. However, that is all you get. Those fries you spy? You pay extra for them.

It was just about medium rare, but more on the rare side. It was crazy chewy and took me all my time to cut (with a steak knife, may I add).

However, my biggest issue with this restaurant was that the morning after eating here, I was seriously ill. I have re-traced what I ate and drank that day and nothing was out of the ordinary, except for this steak. I was diagnosed with the stomach flu, which the Dr assured me wasn’t from food, but I am still unconvinced. Stomach Flu and food poisoning are so similar in their symptoms. 

All I know, is that I spent 2 hours in A&E on a Saturday night with a drip in my arm – not the best way to spend your Saturday night, ey?

I wouldn’t recommend this place at all. My stomach turns each time I walk past it, now.

No. 168, AnLe Road, YongHe District, New Taipei City

Happy (or not, dependent on if you end up in hospital) Eating!

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