Taipei restaurant – Gēn Creative

Value for money: 10/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Quality of food: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

This will be only my 3rd 10/10 review out of 115 posts.
Located just off DunHua South Road on the same road as Purebread Bakery is where the wonderful Roots Creative is located.
Inside there is a great atmosphere, with plenty of tables, mirrors and light but also darkness to make it feel secluded and comfortable.
The kitchen is alive with activity. However, even though it is a modest size, it is kept spotlessly clean and is ran very well by the head chefEric Liu.
The attention to plating detail is something to behold at any level of this standard. I love watching the intricate nature of everything going on.
The pâtissière was working hard to prepare and create deliciously wonderful desserts all night long.
^Here she was making our souffle
The menu
The menu has been separated into 3 different main sections: Earth, Ocean and Land.
The Earth section looks to tackle the vegetarian option head on. Whilst a lot of places stick the occasional vegetarian dish on to appease those non meat eaters out there, Roots Creative don’t even see it as a vegetarian option and just go for it, dedicated 1/3 of their menu to it. It all sounds lovely, using fresh and seasonal ingredients all sourced locally.
The Ocean section is something that excited me, especially that Shrimp Toast!
Finally we have the Land section, with a lovely selection of beef, pork and chicken done in a variety of ways.
I hope you saw that snack dish at the top of the menu. You saw correctly – fried soup!
What we ordered:
Amuse bouche 
Delicate chunks of tuna done with chilli, cilantro and daikon radish, topped with a crunchy breadcrumb. It did exactly what the amuse bouche is made to do: get you ready for more delicious food!
Puffed beef tenderloin
Let me tell you: This tendon is braised for 8 hrs, compressed using weights on top, frozen, cut thinly and then fried in canola oil. Total processing time: 1.5 days. Damn.
It was fun to eat, not greasy at all and had lots of beef flavour. In fact, it tasted like it had been cooked in beef dripping. The dip is cilantro and lime crema which punched with flavour and the lime helped to cut through greasiness which accompanies anything that has been deep fried.
Fried Soup
As pretty as this looks, do not try to look inside the soup balls without being ridiculously careful. It took me a long time to delicately prise one open, failing once and getting garlic soup on my trousers…
The soup inside was deliciously creamy and full of garlic flavour. The champagne vinegar added the sourness needed and lifted the dish. Delicious.
YangMing Mountain figs with burrata
I adore fresh figs and could eat them every day. These were deliciously fresh and obviously bursting with that sweet and honey-like flavour that only figs have.
The burrata is the cheese in the middle there that looks like mozzarella. In fact, burrata is made with mozzarella and cream. The skin on the outside has that thickness that mozzarella skin has, but the inside is creamier and resembles more of a cottage cheese, of sorts. It was creamy, delicate and moreish.
Shrimp Toast
Marvel at the beauty in this plate. Can you see the brioche toast lurking at the bottom?
After the lobster bisque is poured over the top, the whole dish just comes to life with aroma. You feel like you’re at the ocean and it’s just wonderful.
The lobster bisque is fantastic, give me a bowl of that alone and I am 1 happy man. The different colours of tomato add more colour to this orange and green and red and purple plate. The shrimp are roasted to perfection and the whole dish works together in perfect harmony. No complaints. At all.
It may seem steep at $800 but I feel like it may be the best $800 I have spent on one dish.
Soft shell crab
I am not much a fan of soft shell crab, but we went for it anyway – and I am so glad that we did. It was delicious. I find soft shell crab a little disconcerting as it is just a crab that has malted and been taken before its outer shell has been allowed to harden.The flavour was mild and delicate. However, when eaten with the red curry noodles, the flavour of the crab was a little lost. The star fruit added a nice element to cut through the curried noodles which were pretty spicy. The flavours were (again) fresh and clean. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the shrimp toast above.



Korean style pork

Eat your greens.
Look at that beautiful plate of pork, yum yum yum!
Take a salad leaf, put some of the daikon radish strips and the carrot on top, then top it with a piece of pork – sorted!
As for the pork – I expected it to be chewy BBQ style pork. But, it most certainly isn’t. It’s a slow cooked belly pork where the fat just melts away and the pork breaks apart effortlessly as you eat it.The sauce is a chilli sauce, which isn’t too spicy but is quite salty. I liked it a lot.



Vanilla souffle with coffee ice cream and coffee cream

Check out that riiiiiiiiise.
…and again, just because.
We were recommended by the pâtissière to make a well in the center of the (incredibly velvety soft and delicious) souffle and pour the coffee cream inside. As we did so, the souffle enter oozed out and the most wonderful vanilla aroma came with it.Adding the coffee cream just combined two wonderful flavours together and the results were mouth watering.

The coffee ice cream was flavourful and creamy, a perfect accompaniment to the dish.



Refreshing ice cream

It was OK as a palate cleanser, but I don’t think we really needed the tapioca balls.



Fortune cookie

The cookie was really quite nice, I always fine fortune cookies fun.

Nice to know 😉

Opening Times:
Monday – Saturday
17:30 – 22:00
No. 24, DunHua South Road, Lane 63, Section 2, DaAn District, Taipei City


Happy Eating!

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