Taipei market – 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development (round 2)

Value for money: 10/10
Cleanliness: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Quality of food: 9/10
Overall: 9/10


I didn’t take photos of the market area last time, because I was too damn hungry. But, this time, it was lunch time. So, here we go:

This was enormous!

A few abalone inside here!

Salmon upon salmon upon salmon.

The top shelf here is smoked duck, which we actually bought with one of the salads and had for our evening meal. The duck was $120 and it was plenty enough for 2 people + a salad.

Also, the fruit and vegetables are reasonably priced!

Cheese plate? Hell yeah!


Back inside to pick up our lunch…

Here’s what we bought:

Mixed sushi box $420

Got plenty of fish for your buck in here: salmon, tuna, shrimp, egg roll, fish roe, california rolls, ginger… Awesome.

Roast salmon $180

This was also delicious, but quite salty. The skin was a bit too fatty, but the meat was really good!

Bottom line:
This place should never be overlooked.


No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, MinZu East Road, Section, ZhongShan District, Taipei City


Happy Eating!

4 responses to “Taipei market – 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development (round 2)”

  1. Nice pics. Those markets can be some of the scariest places when the fish are flopping around in the tubs:)


  2. Yeh it's a bit disconcerting, really. We saw a few lobsters getting 'prepared', too – which is definitely something not for the faint hearted


  3. […] saw this place on TVBS a little while ago, and it looked great. I managed to get caught up with Addiction Aquatic Development, Little Six, and a whole host of other sushi places. But thought it was about time to check this […]


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