Taipei restaurant – 八色烤肉 Korean BBQ

Value for money: 7/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 8/10


The reason why their value for money scores so poorly with me is because its $300 for just one piece of meat. And, I’ll be honest, most of the meats really aren’t all that!
We went for the 八色套餐 bā sè tào cān 8 types of marinated pork.
Sorry, the picture is out of focus (recently got a new camera, so photos in the future will be better, I promise!)

八色套餐 bā sè tào cān
This is the set we went for, including these 8 marinated pork strips:

1. 人參 rén shēn
GinSeng marinated pork belly


2. 紅酒 hongjiǔ
Red Wine marinated pork belly


3. 松葉 sōng yè
Pine Leaves marinated pork belly

4. 大蒜 dà suàn
Garlic marinated pork belly


5. 花草huā cǎo
Herb marinated pork belly


6. 咖哩 gā lǐ
Curry marinated pork belly


7. 大醬dà jiàng
Miso Paste marinated pork belly


8. 辣椒醬 là jiāo jiàng
Spicy pepper marinated pork belly

This is the salad that each person gets, including onion, corriander and carrots. It has a light vinaigrette on the top, which is refreshing on a hot day!
As you can see in the picture, you are given a pot of tofu with onions, mussels and shrimp in for the table, you’re also given lettuce, garlic, mushrooms and garlic to use how you please, spicy sauce with onion to dip in the pork, and then the hot plate with kimchi and beansprouts.
This big pot was alright, nothing that special. There weren’t enough mussels or shrimp for my liking.
This is just a selection of some of the meat, sizzling away nicely!
The best meat, for my money, was the 紅酒 Red Wine. The flavour was intense and delicious. Most of the others didn’t have strong flavours and were lost against the kimchi beansprout combo.
Tip: Use the lettuce to wrap a piece of the meat and top with the beansprout kimchi mix – delicious!
Maybe you don’t get an idea of quite how big this mussel was, but I can tell you – it was huge! Just sad that there were only two of them 😦
起司炒飯 qǐ sī chǎo fàn 
Stir fried rice with cheese
We also ordered the fried rice with cheese, to finish off the meal.
It was alright, but the rice was a little overcooked, for my liking.

Overall, it’s a fun environment and the food is of a decent quality. However, I feel like they could do better with the marinades. Because, afterall, if you are saying that your restaurant has 8 different flavours of meat, then they should be special and you should be able to easily pick out the flavours in depth.

八色烤肉 on Facebook


No. 3, Alley 10, Lane 223, ZhongXiao East Road, Section 4, DaAn District, Taipei City

Happy Eating!

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